TV analyst says Apple’s video-capable iPod is a bust because he says so

“Phillip Swann says the video iPod is a bust because he says so. Huh? The publisher of e-mails that ‘Apple’s portable video device generates slow sales and widespread complaints.’ His source turns out to be himself. He cites an article published by Newsday, critical of the video iPod, almost solely due to quotes by Swann,” Frank Barnako reports for MarketWatch. “He says that while Apple sold 15 million videos in four months, ‘that’s not many.’ Again, Swann says so.

“‘A lot of people … have been using [the videos] on [personal computers] and laptops and not even using the video iPods,’ he said. ‘Apple-watch Web sites … have been whispering’ that the next video iPod would have a bigger screen, he noted. Well, ‘I predicted six months ago … it would be a disaster.’ I have nothing against Swann, other than that his Web site is blatantly self-promotional. (“Mr. Swann is available for speeches, editorial projects, consulting work and media interviews.”) It’s just that telling a reporter something for which you cite no evidence, and persuading a reporter write it, doesn’t make it fact,” Barnako reports.

Full article, with interesting info about ABC-TV’s Net strategy having some troubles, here.

MacDailyNews Take: Swanni must be looking for hits to his website again. He’s a real piece of work. Swanni’s kind of like Rob Enderle, only not as sharp. We’ve taken him apart in the past (see related articles below), but thanks to Mr. Barnako, we’re happy that we don’t have to bother with Swanni’s stuff today.

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  1. hey guys, no comment on this but has anyone got any news on a universal binary version of alias (autodesk) Maya yet? im just getting worried and cant find anything, i know how autodesk seem to avoid the mac! and know they own a very important programme to me

  2. This guy is a hammer. No wait, he’s a vice grip. What a damned vice grip he is…or perhaps he’s a phillips head screwdriver. What the hell does a Phillips Head Screwdriver know about iPods? I’ll tell what — nothing. Not a godamned thing.

  3. “A lot of people … have been using [the videos] on [personal computers] and laptops and not even using the video iPods,”

    So, if you don’t want to watch video, why buy and iPod? Not for music, certainly. After all, it’s a “video iPod”.

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