Enderle: If Apple can’t double market share it will abandon Macs

“No one seems to talk much about Apple Leopard, the next version of the Mac OS. This is primarily because Apple, unlike Microsoft, is not talking about this next generation platform publicly,” Rob Enderle writes for MacNewsWorld. “Based on comments by Apple chief Steve Jobs it was slated to roll out about the same time as Vista originally was, but if what I’m reading is right, it too has run into problems and won’t show up until late 2007.”

MacDailyNews Take: Whatever Mr. “Microsoft Wrote the First Mac OS” Enderle is reading is wrong. His personal fantasy-land seems to know no boundaries. Walt Mossberg, who has indescribably more credibility than Mr. Enderle, says Apple Mac OS X Leopard is due in early 2007. Needham & Co analyst Charles Wolf expects Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard will ship soon after MacWorld San Francisco in January 2007. And, Apple CEO Steve Jobs, certainly an authority on the issue, has never wavered from his June 2005 World Wide Developers Conference keynote announcement that Mac OS X Leopard will ship in late 2006/early 2007. In addition, just today, Gartner says Windows Vista has slipped yet again and targets a Windows Vista release in the April-June quarter of 2007! In short, Enderle’s scribblings and the material that regularly exits the rear end of a bull are genetically identical.

Unfortunately, Enderle continues, “If this Leopard vs. Vista scenario plays out this will place the most competitive Mac OS in history — on aggressively designed Intel based hardware — against what may be the most competitively exposed Microsoft desktop OS since Windows Millennium Edition in the market, in the fourth quarter of 2007. If Apple can’t at least double its small share during this unique event it should abandon the Mac OS as a dead end, because this kind of opportunity will never come again. If it does double share, which it could do by cutting a broad swath through the consumer market with a well designed media center-like product, it could dramatically change the market and remind the Linux folks that the desktop isn’t about FOSS — it’s about selling the products consumers want to buy. 2008 will be a critical year for Apple, Microsoft, and the Linux contingent. If Apple can’t significantly expand its presence by then in the PC market it is likely going to be finished with this segment. Its likely path in that case will be to focus more aggressively on the consumer electronics market it currently dominates.”

MacDailyNews Take: Apple is profitable with the current Mac unit sales and market share. Sheesh. This idea of mainstreaming in the field of technology “writers” really has to be rethought. It’s clearly not working out.

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  1. haha, o.k., ‘this opportunity will never come again’, – this opportunity will be never ending, there wont be another major windows release after vista, look how long it took, its crumbling under its own weight.

  2. Enderle is an idiot, but so is MDN. Enderle says Apple should abandon Macs if they don’t double market share, NOT Apple WILL abandon Macs if they don’t… MDN always skews the headlines to fit his whims.

  3. Enderle is the top nutter in a sea of ignorant propagandists receiving brown envelopes from Redmond…

    ‘Hey boys, let’s try and sow the seeds of Apple giving it all up but for iPod…’

  4. “it was slated to roll out about the same time as Vista originally was”

    I didn’t realize that Leopard was originally planned for release five years ago. I learn new things every day. Thanks, Rob.

  5. There are a lot of iffy opinions in that article. ‘If’ Leopard comes out at the same time as Vista and ‘if’ Apple can’t double its market share, then Apple ‘should’ quit the OS business.

    I wonder ‘if’ Enderle thought about what should happen ‘if’ the opposite happens? ‘If’ Leopard comes out before Vista and ‘if’ Apple can double its market share, then Microsoft ‘should’ quit the OS business. Now why didn’t he write about that?

  6. What an idiot.

    Which OS seems to be on the way up?

    Which company seems to be less troubled?

    The truth is that Apple’s market share has nearly doubled and will most likely more than double again. OS X Tiger is now the measuring stick by which all other OSes are judged. In the mean time Microsoft is trying to figure out how to remain profitable in a shrinking market.

    Check out the chart: http://finance.yahoo.com/q/bc?s=AAPL&t=5y&l=off&z=l&q=l&c=MSFT

    OK, tell me which company is declining?

    Which company is finally advertising their systems (OS) and which instead talks about the programs written for their OS?

    The press still has not quite figured out that Leopard is in fact going to beat Vista/longhorn to the market – when they do it will get huge press. After WWDC you will find Microsoft trying to get positive news as they will be only mentioned in how they failed to beat yet another Apple OS to market.

    Apple will never abandon the Mac … But MS may discover that they can’t weather the storm that lay ahead for them!

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