Apple debuts flyer, retail staff t-shirts with slogan ‘We can help you do it all’

“Perhaps in concert with this week’s TV commercial campaign, the retail stores will debut a 12-page fold-out brochure that highlights the international reach of the stores, the helpful personnel, and the variety of creative applications that Apple offers. The brochure will be accompanied by new, dark-green employee T-shirts imprinted with a new set of slogans,” ifoAppleStore reports. “The cover of the brochure lists the types of capabilities that Mac software allows, including blog, compose, jam, share, photocast and ‘Switch.’ The cover text also notes, ‘We can help you do it all.’”

Full article with pictures of the flyer’s front and inside contents (click ifoAppleStore’s images) here.

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  1. If Apple is going to offer extensive help at the Apple Stores they had better up the staff numbers. I tried to get in to have my old G4 looked at, which AppleCare recommended on the phone) and found the Genius Bar was booked solid for a long time–the web site said no more reservations were being taken at this time. My sister couldn’t get an appointment for an iBook speaker problem, it was full again.

    As a shareholder, I’m glad Apple is doing so well that they’re booked full. As a user, I was ticked. However, I found out there are other local places here that support AppleCare, BUT was told Apple does not offer up the name and address info of every licensed Apple Care store if the place doesn’t SELL a certain amount of computers and only does repairs. When I called AppleCare I was given only the Apple Store and another computer chain store as licensed AppleCare professionals, and no mention of a licensed repair place right in the town I live.

    I think the whole Genius Bar is a fantastic idea, they just need to anticipate use rates better. Or separate Genius appointments for help with apps and OS questions from AppleCare repair needs. And level with people on the location of ALL licensed repair companies.

  2. Actually, I’ve been less than impressed with most of the geniuses I’ve spotted in the Orange County stores. I only go to the Apple Store for Apple Software if it’s not available at other stores and I need it now or for “event” release (like Mac OS X Tiger). Buying machines? I’ll hit CompUSA or MicroCenter. Non-Apple software or hardware, definitely CompUSA, MicroCenter, or an on-line store.

  3. You can make Genius Bar appointments from home — go to ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”cheese” style=”border:0;” /> ), then forget to cancel their appointment so space will free up.

    Glad to see the new ad blitz when it starts — sounds like Apple’s really going after the “You need Windows to do (whatever)” canard…

    MW = met, as in “Hopefully, Micro$oft has finally met its match…”

  4. It looks like Apple and Co. have been listening to MDN… took their advice of actually advertising WHY the software is better, not just telling people that, they are mentally damaged, and their Windows boxes are merely that… A metal box with some stuff in it and personal touches. It’s about time! Now… Let’s see some ads all over the place showing Mac OS X at its best!

  5. I hate to say this, because I’m no Windows fanboi, but Apple really needs to support those who come into their stores and wants to be able to install and run Windows on their Intel Macs. They need to be trained in how to install it, show people how dual booting works, and let people see Windows running on iMacs and Macbook Pros and Mac Minis first hand.

    Even if Apple does not wish to sell, or support Windows, they could still sell hardware to those who wish to use Windows, and just want to see how well it works first hand. This is part of them being able to completely take care of customers. They are currently falling short in this area.

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