What shape might an ‘Apple Mac Media Center’ take?

“The ‘Apple Media Center’ din is growing, again. For those of you who dare ride the bucking rumor bronco, you know that the Apple DVR rumor mill reached significant output levels in November of last year when Apple rumor sites reported that their “sources” could confirm that Apple was going to launch a DVR at Macworld in January. At the time I expressed serious doubt, and lo and behold, there was no announcement. The rumor sites, however, were so firm in their predictions that some of the faithful believed that the product was perhaps merely delayed, and would be soon introduced (yeah, that’s the ticket!). The big February 28 show came and went, and still no DVR,” Ken Fisher writes for Ars Technica.

“Now rumors are heating up again because Steve Jobs purportedly said ‘we hear you loud and clear’ in response to a vague question about Windows Media Center. There’s no official transcript and no reliable information, so as you can see, all the pieces are in the right place for another round of rumors. And inasmuch as the topic has entered my inbox in force, I feel inclined to address it again, op-ed style,” Fisher writes.

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  1. I really hope they do this, and Jobs comment is interesting both because of what he said, and the fact that he rarely says even that much.

    Of course he could have said that and then followed up with thinking “but we really don’t care”. : )

  2. We all know it will be coming, we just can’t predict when it will happen and what it will be once it does happen. It may have been scheduled for launch and SJ may have pulled it if he felt it was not ready — but we’ll never know the true story. Meanwhile I’m not buying another TV or stereo system until I see what Apple has in mind for my living room.

  3. What shape would it take?

    Trapezoidal. That’s my bet. Oh, oh… dodecahedral! Ooh ooh! Elliptical spheroid.

    Education means developing a weirder sense of humor. And debt. Lots of debt…

  4. I hope it’s shaped like an apple and has a gum dispencer that dispences apple flavored pez!

    I also hope that if I scratch it, it smells like a juicy apple.

    I heard that it will be able to teleport you into the tv shows audience so it’s just like you are there!

    Jobs is Genius!!

  5. Well… whatever they come up with would need to have really fast wireless (802.11n) so it could transmit the HDTV signal directly to client displays (yes, ma… no wires to the flat panel TV on the wall), in addition to plenty of storage capacity (perpendicular?) for the HD DVR portion and a Blue-Ray HD DVD disc player/recorder for games and movies.

    Pie in the sky? No. Perfectly doable within a year or so.

    Cha-ching? Yes, you bet!

    But I want one already…

  6. It will only come concurrently with a iTunes movie store rollout. It will be a complete solution. Not a product looking for a market. Their is no reason for Apple to produce a product which does not provide an income stream from downloads. Full-res TV downloads. “DVD quality” or broadcast quality MPEG 4.

  7. No

    Why? TV’s and computers both jockey for the consumers attention.

    TV’s are designed to be watched from far away, to turn a mind off.

    Computers are designed to be watched up close and the mind turned on.

    I have TV on my computer, do I watch it? No, because online gives more interaction, faster information and freedom of choice.

    Computers on the internet give more satisfaction than TV.

  8. It should look more like an iServe than a Mac Mini.

    Standard component width so it can be stacked with other equipment.

    Clean, simple front in a brushed aluminum finish with one hell of a remote that could even be an ipod.

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