Windows user since 1995 converts to Apple Mac

“There were several things that had been keeping me from switching. First, the cost of the Macs is quite a bit more than PC’s. Well, sort of. If you built a PC with the same basic configuration as a Mac, it’s about the same price, if not a little more. But Mac goes high end,” Tim Priebe blogs for “Second, there’s the learning curve. Let’s face it. Macs and Windows PCs do not operate in an identical fashion. Although they have many similarities (ie point and click with the mouse), they are not the same. So it takes time to get used to a Mac after using Windows since 1995 and earlier. Finally, there’s the software. It’s a common misconception that you can’t get all the programs for Mac that you can for your Windows PC. While the programs are certainly not equivalent, I have yet to find a Mac program that cannot replace a Windows program I had.”

Priebe writes, “Plan A, then, was to slowly make the transition to using my Mac Mini, while simultaneously continuing to use my Windows computer. My PC had other ideas.”

MacDailyNews Note: Blooown up, sir!

Priebe continues, “So Sunday night, I ordered an iMac… I’m looking forward to using the Mac full-time. It is certainly more stable than Windows, and a lot more user-friendly. Granted, it is different, but I think after a couple of weeks using it full-time, I should be used to it. Now to get all new software.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: For potential Windows to Mac switchers: remember, if you don’t want to buy all new software right off the bat, you can download Apple’s free Boot Camp software or Parallels Workstation virtualization software (US$39.99 with 30-day free trial) and run Windows and your Windows software on your Mac. Then you can just replace your old Windows software with Mac software over time.

Boot Camp info and download link is here:
Parallels Workstation info and download link is here:

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  1. First, it’s “Mac,” not “MAC.” And second, this story is just more anecdotal evidence that people are switching. The “Mac outlook” isn’t bleak; contrary, it’s better than ever before.

  2. Sad,

    MDN reports it because it is an example that thousands experience and it helps people who read it to see what they might go through if they decide to switch.

    MDN reports it because it shows why switchers might have been/be reticent to switch to Mac from a long-time Windows user’s point of view.

    While these concepts seem obvious to me and probably 99.99% of the people who read this story, you’re right: it is “sad” that .01% can’t grasp what should be easily perceived and require smarter people than themselves to explain such simple ideas to them.

  3. There are a lot of switchers, but the best way to promote Apple is to set up new people on Mac’s.

    Once they get “Windowized” it’s a bit harder to get them to switch. They get locked into this “war” man verses machine, either they give up on computers completely or they just suffer with it.

    When these people try a Mac, some realize it’s much easier, but they are so ingrained/trained to Windows that they relapse.

    Also there is this sinking feeling if they don’t stick to Windows, they will be unemployable because they don’t keep their Windoz skills up.

    Price is not a problem, a equally matched Dell laptop is the same price as a Mac, however with the Mac you have no cheap choice. It’s high end or nothing.

  4. I find it sad that MDN would encourage someone who has already decided to go 100% Mac to use Windows via Boot Camp in the interim before switching. Just let him use 100% Mac. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”raspberry” style=”border:0;” />

  5. Dear Sad and members of namesakes ilk,

    This is a bloody Mac site, why are you wasting your time trolling here except to incite people? Go hang out with your Window buddies, surf the Windows Rumors websites, and get a frickin life!!

  6. Between the this and constantly repeating the story about maybe ppl will switch to Macs because of Bootcamp, this site is going to the dogs.

    Come on! Raise the bar already.

    I could care less if another mindless AOL user decides to use a Mac.

  7. Whoa – MDN did you scour the universe to find one convert?
    And, hell, anybody could make it up just to get the link from your web site.

    Find some real proof of converts. Send your crack reporter team out to the store HQs(not Apple, but Best Buy or Frye´s or CompUSA) to get some real sales reports on the number of Apples they are selling.

    How about a contest MDN – Let Windows users send in their picture with their new Mac and….old PC.

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