Mossberg: Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard will allow Windows Vista to run on Macs

Each week The Wall Street Journal’s Walter S. Mossberg answers tech questions for his readers. This week, one question touches on Apple’s Boot Camp:

Q: Apple’s Boot Camp program for running Windows on a Mac is a beta. Any idea when a final version will be out? And will Boot Camp allow Macs to run the new Vista version of Windows?
A: Boot Camp may never be final, because Apple plans to roll its functionality into the forthcoming new version of its OS X operating system, called Leopard, which is due out early in 2007, around the same time Microsoft plans to ship Windows Vista. I assume Apple will stop offering Boot Camp as a separate program around that time. The company states that “Boot Camp Beta is preview software licensed for use on a trial basis for a limited time.” That implies to me that it will likely be discontinued when Leopard comes out. This doesn’t necessarily mean existing installations of Windows on Macs will stop functioning, just that new downloads won’t be available. I do believe that Leopard will allow Vista to run on Macs. However, just like regular Windows PCs, Macs running Vista will be able to use all of its features only if their hardware specs are hefty enough. My quick and dirty assessment is that the Intel-based iMac, MacBook Pro and Mac mini should be able to do so, but only time will tell.

Mossberg’s Mailbox is here.

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  1. Who really cares about running Vista vaporware anyway? Let’s get into the habit of calling it what it really is:

    M$ Windows Vista = Mac OS X 10.1 alpha 1.

    Why waste precious HDD space and functioning hair follicles on a virus?

  2. Will 10.5 allow ppc macs to run windows apps as well?

    Most likely not as Microsoft already has a product in that space called Virtual PC.

    I don’t think we are going to see Microsoft’s API’s running under Mac OS X, not from Apple anyway, even though Apple could do it. It gives M$ a opportunity to mess with Apple and all those who come to depend upon Windows apps to run under Mac OS X.

    Perhaps later Apple will, or some third party company will, because Microsoft will release Vista and be locked into the API’s for some time.

    We might be switching back and forth from full to alternalte virtualizations.

  3. I seriously doubt that VPC for the Mac will be developed any longer. It’s purpose has become obsolete. Slow emulator that won’t run games and some programs or native speed in a partition?

  4. If you want to run Windows apps without buying Windows, just put Linux in a Parallels Worsktation virtual machine and install Wine on it.

    After you’ve had that experience, come back and let us know if you still think this is something Apple could/should do in OS X.

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  5. why does any OS X user give a Damn about using Windows.

    We all know what an abortion is is so what’s all the curiousity about?

    I can understand Windows users being interested but OS X users?

    Who cares if you use the occasional application that requires every once in a while! Do you enjoy drawing attention to yourselves with the association of windows? What a shame! If you drove a Lexus but had to use a ford occasionally at work would you be energized by that or whould you even notice – other than is sucks and “boy can’t wait to drive my LS430?”

    Windows doen not deserve the the slightest bit of acknowlgement or attention.

    Ignore it and avoid it like the plague!

    Move along people, there is nothing to see here!!!

  6. G-ZUZ, I don’t usually whine like this, but I wish you’d put in some line separators or something to make it clear that the musobs site you always advertise in your posts is just a sig.

    After clicking on your link (five or six times in different posts) thinking it’s a link to an article relevant to your post, it gets irritating to realize you aren’t linking to anything relevant, just pimping your site.

    Not trying to start a flame war, just constructive criticism.

  7. I’ve a similar analogy before. What if you needed to haul a cord of firewood or several hundred feet of sod. Do you want to put it in the Lexus? Would it even fit? Do you go around ALWAYS saying I’ve got a Lexus, what the hell does anyone need a truck for?

    You use Doze because that’s the best tool available that does the job. OS X is great, but it can not do it all.

  8. The professor said it all. Only thing is, nobody wants to answer the question if this is really is the beginning of the end of Mac OS and the only choice we Mac Intel suckers are left with is Big Blue… I mean, Big Yellow.

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