Apple releases 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pro battery life specs

It’s official. With the release of the 17-inch MacBook Pro, Apple has completed battery life testing and published their specs for battery and power for their new pro portable Macs.

•15-inch MacBook Pro: 60-watt-hour lithium-polymer battery (with integrated charge indicator LEDs) providing up to 4.5 hours of battery life
•17-inch MacBook Pro: 68-watt-hour lithium-polymer battery (with integrated charge indicator LEDs) providing up to 5.5 hours of battery life
(Battery life depends on configuration and use.)

Complete 15- and 17-inch MacBook specs here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “macnut222” for the heads up.]

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  1. Bushit. My MBP 15 get 3.5 hours MAX under normal use, but interestingly a minimum of about 2.75 hours under heavy load.

    I have a hard time believing 4.5 hours unless an hour is spent with the screen off and CPUs idle.

  2. Of course these are maxes. Have to say that I did break 4 hours once, but typically see 3 hours plus or minus 15 minutes. Bluetooth and Airport appear to be real battery hogs on my MBP 2.16. Turning them off makes all the difference.

  3. come on idiots…

    It’s like a mileage rating sticker on a new car… iyour mileage may vary…

    Drive your laptop with the windows up, the A/C off, and you should average the ratings… Real world, of course, we all have the A/C on or the windows open…

    it isn’t like any of the competitors laptops meet their ratings either… get over it morons!

    I swear… MDN is like a lightbulb to moron bugs

  4. Apple have always bullshitted. They’ve made an art form out of it. All manufacturers do it….

    The G5 2.7 GHz vs Intel/AMD used to make me piss myself laughing. These benchmarks soon disappeared when the switch was announced. Anyone who had ever used a G5 and a loaded PC to do similar tasks new the real truth.

    I have ordered a 17″ MBP even if the batteries last 3 hrs that’s plenty long enough for me.

    MDN word “brown” as in two in the pink and one in the brown……

  5. They aren’t too far off with their “best case” battery life ratings. I don’t run my MacBook Pro 15.4″ on battery very often, but when I do I can easily get 3h45m with wireless/bluetooth off and screen brightness at 50%.

    Most Windows notebook battery ratings are almost double what can be achieved realistically…

  6. Eric,

    I wonder if you remember the accolades Apple received for announcing iPod battery life specs that the product actually beat.

    In any case, nobody is a moron or an idiot for expecting a claim to reflect reality. Operating with a dimmed screen, not using airport of bluetooth, not playing a DVD, etc. are reasonable things to do to maximize battery life, but it appears even those things will not get the claimed results from Apple.

    Also, 10 hours from Long Wait was no doubt in jest. Get a clue.

  7. Turn it on
    Dim the screen to one block
    Turn off Airport and Bluetooth
    Turn off Desktop Picture switching (faster than restart)
    Energy Saver – Better Savings
    Energy Saver – Spin Down HD
    Quit all apps
    Don’t touch or use the computer.
    Watch clock…

  8. I get pissed when my 12″ G4 doesn’t get at least 3.5 hours. Under normal battery mode i can do.

    download a 700 meg file wirelessly, and burn that file 4 times.(this always get’s peoples attention)


    general app use, (word processor, itunes, Safari) with wireless enabled I average 4 hours of continous use.

    The biggest point though is screen brightness. Turning up screen brightness to 50% drops overall battery life by nearly an hour. So Unless i need it that bright I turn it all the way down.

  9. nobody´s wondering about the weird difference in runtime between the two models?
    the 17″ has a 13% larger battery (+ 8watt-hours) and therefore a 22% (plus 1 hour) longer runtime
    although it has a higherclocked CPU, larger TFT, …

    seems weird to me.

  10. I find that the 15″ MacBook Pro gets up to 4 hours, but only with the screen dimmed most the way down and with minimal hard drive and/or cpu activity. 3 hours is more realistic.

    4.5 hours would have to be with the screen brightness set to “1” and the hard drive idling the whole time.

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