Knockoff iPod nanos – called ‘Nano Apples’ – selling well in Taiwan

“As young consumers scramble to snap up Apple Computers’ iPod series of portable music players, imitation products have inevitably popped up on the market. Some of these, only available through somewhat circuitous channels over the Internet, sail very close to the wind in imitating Apple’s now iconic products. These rip-offs can cost as little as half the price of the real thing, and their functions and appearance are, at first glance, indisting-uishable from real iPods. The giveaway is that they are currently only available online or after setting up an appointment,” Daniel Cheng reports for The Taipei Times. “These imitation iPods go under the name of the Nano Apple. According to a representative of the manufacturer, who would only give her surname as Chang, the devices are manu-factured in China and marketed in Taiwan under a number of different brands.”

Cheng reports, “Chinese-language media reports have suggested that the knockoff nanos do not have the same guarantee of quality as the originals, pointing out that they are made in China. Apple’s own iPods are also made in China, and in a phone interview with Taipei Times, Chang said that her company, also provided full after service. According to Chang, the Nano Apple can be returned within seven days of purchase with the original receipt and packaging for a full refund. ‘We provide after-sales service and irresistible functions that a real iPod nano is not able to offer. It is a simply a matter of supply and demand,’ said Chang.”

Full article with image of the knockoff product here. Direct link to large photo of knockoff in white and black here.

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  1. If we know about it, Apple legal has known about it for at least a week.

    Time for another lawsuit.

    After Apple patents and creates the new display with the camera built into the display (see story about patent) I am sure Sony or some-other-Asian-sweat-shop-labor brand will come out with a knockoff.

  2. (I posted this in the last “counterfeit iPod” article, but the discussion had turned into a political flamewar by then, so I don’t think anyone read it. I’ll try again…)


    10. The free “iToozhn” software attempts to steal your bank information.
    9. The included USB2 cable is actually a small piece of string and a paperclip.
    8. It comes preloaded with the complete Beatles library.
    7. To do a hard reset, you need to turn it upside down and shake it vigorously.
    6. The wooden body of the iPod is poorly carved.
    5. Apple logo replaced with Nike “swoosh”.
    4. Emits moans when click wheel stroked.
    3. Instructions say “Please DO eat iPod shuffle”, and lists nutrition information.
    2. Has FM radio built in

    And the number sign your iPod may be counterfeit…

    1. You actually found one a week before Christmas!

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