Many believe Mac market share increases coming now that Apple Macs can run Windows applications

“As if its success with iPod wasn’t enough, Apple looks to be on a winner with its new Intel Macintosh platform, judging by the reactions of the media and its readers,” Stan Beer reports for iTWire. “In a new poll of iTWire readers taken over the past 24 hours, nearly two thirds of the 448 respondents (299) believe that being able to dual boot Windows will increase Macintosh market share compared with just one third (159) who believe it will not.”

“Many pundits are betting that the new Intel Macs will revitalise Apple’s previously flagging PC market share, which currently stands at about 4%. Some believe, that traditional PC vendors are now in serious danger of losing market share to Apple, as they cannot legally run the Mac OSX operating systems on their machines,” Beer reports.

Full article here.

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  1. The holiday season is looking good for Apple. Microsoft will push their XBOX 360 and spend multi-millions to try to get people to buy a new gaming system instead of trying to replace their PCs. Then they will spend multi-millions to try to get people to update their computers after Vista is released. Count on it.

  2. Is it really an increase if 70% (or some percentage) use the macs to run windows?

    As far as I’m concerned, marketshare increase for the mac means OS X increases in usage.

    – Mark

  3. > Is it really an increase if 70% (or some percentage) use the macs to run windows?

    do you honestly think people will buy a mac to run windows. they will buy a mac because they think they need to run windows, but over time they will find that the mac partition does prettty much everything the windows partition does.

  4. Think of BootCamp as Classic for Windows users. They may start off with using Windows more, because people go with what they feel comfortable and familair with. Over time they will try out OSX and I think Apple is quite sure they will like what they see.

    Also, I might add, it’s up to the Mac community to help this along. If you know people who buy a new Mac, help them, don’t scream at them for using Windows.

  5. An ongoing, live poll on AVS Forum (, a popular Web site offering home theater news and discussion forums, may signal an increase in Mac OS X and Linux market share at the expense of Windows, reinforcing this story. Currently, in the main “Home Theater Computers” forum, one poll asks members to answer the question: “What OS drives your HTPC?” As of April 24, 2006, the tally was as follows:

    Current AVS Forum poll: “What OS drives your HTPC?”
    Windows 81.17%
    Mac 12.65%
    Linux 9.26%
    Other 0.62%

    The results to date (the poll is still active) reveal that some 21.9% of AVS Forum members use Linux or Mac-based home theater computers. The poll question was created on April 13 and represents a very small data set (fewer than 350 respondents so far). The Mac results have fluctuated between about 5 and 13.65%, but the results already may be indicattive of one Apple success — increased market share in at least one vertical market. In fact, before January 2005, Macs were not even on many radar screens as a home theater component. Now (15 months later), the Mac mini is becoming popular with a growing number of home theater enthusiasts. The mini, a new version of OS X with iTunes video downloading, the Front Row interface, and the Apple Remote Control have helped Apple launch a fledgling home theater computer business since the the original Mac mini introduced was on January 11, 2005, and the revised Intel-based mini, on January 10, 2006. Windows XP Media Center Edition was introduced on October 12, 2004.

    AVS Forum (AV Science Forum) is a free, discussion group Web site that offers a range of member-contributed information about home theater technology. Since June of 2005, it has offered a Mac subforum; a Linux subforum also is available. Only AVS Forum members can vote in the OS home theater poll, but site registration is quick and simple. The poll total does not add up to 100% because some respondents may own multiple home theater systems that are connected to personal computers.

  6. “Over time they will try out OSX and I think Apple is quite sure they will like what they see.”

    Well, I’m not 100% convinced.

    First, “over time” might be tricky. Most initial switchers find Mac OS X “weird”–it doesn’t work like Windows. After a few weeks of using Mac OS X, though, they’re comfortable and prefer how the Mac works (with some exceptions).

    But that initial hump may discourage the “casual switcher” who bought an iMac because it looks really cool and they can run all their Windows software.

    There’s also the configuration issue. I’m going to use Outlook on the PC because it’s “what I’m used to.” Why should I bother to set up Mail on the Mac side? Sure, iMovie rocks and I’ll switch to the Mac to run iMovie and eschew Movie Maker. But essentially Mac OS X gets used to run iMovie. Everything else goes to Windows.

  7. I’m still not optimistic about the possibility of any significant market share gains. Most people most of the time about most things don’t want to change anything in their lives. You can get a Dull on sale for something like $450 INCLUDING a 15″ LCD, a mouse and a keyborad.

    I am an Apple proponent; I use it everyday, so I don’t need convincing how great OS X is, or how great the software package is on a Mini. Convincing the average Doze user to spend even $300 more than the basic Dull, however, is going to be very difficult.

    And don’t even start on the upcoming desk tops starting at $1,999, if history is any guide. I wok in a company with a highly educated workforce of accountants, lawyers and engineers. They all make good money. The highest price paid for a computer for the ones I know about (all Doze) have averaged about $800-$900.

    I hope all the optimists are right and I’m wrong, but I just dont think dual booting on a Mac is a life-changing for the average buyer.

  8. Should all the other box makers just shut down? Apple is about to take over the world, if you belive the hype around here.

    Reality is that not too many people will pay more to get the logo we all love on their enclosures. Price rules, as always – something Steve has always denied to the detriment of us all.

    Apple will have to be content with a market share in the single digits.

  9. RE: Home Theater OS poll: As the submission reports, …”The poll total does not add up to 100% because some respondents may own multiple home theater systems that are connected to personal computers…”

    Current AVS Forum poll: “What OS drives your HTPC?”
    Windows 81.17%
    Mac 12.65%
    Linux 9.26%
    Other 0.62%

    TOTAL = 103.70%

  10. flag 4 verb ( flagged , flagging ) [ intrans. ] (of a person) become tired, weaker, or less enthusiastic : if you begin to flag, there is an excellent café to revive you. • [often as adj. ] ( flagging) (esp. of an activity or quality) become weaker or less dynamic : she should make another similar film to revive her flagging career.

    Hmmm, I’m not sure “flagging” is the right word to describe Apple’s PC market share prior to the introduction of the Intel Macs since their market share has increased considerably over the last year and a half.

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