Apple releases GarageBand 3.0.2 Update

Apple today released GarageBand 3.0.2 Update which addresses “issues with video handling, podcast exporting, and importing QuickTime markers. It also addresses a number of other minor issues.”

More GarageBand 3.0.2 Update info and download link (30MB) here.

GarageBand 3 is part of Apple’s iLife ’06 suite of creative applications. More info about GarageBand here.

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  1. More evidence of Apple’s devotion to their customers who live for rock ‘n roll – itunes, garage band and, most of all, ipod.

    Where the hell is help for iMovie and iPhoto? Read the posts in your own discussions forums, you slackers! Real issues are going unresolved. Don’ you care?

    Neglect of this part of the base sends the message loud and clear: Apple is becoming a hardware company. Goodbye OSxxxx, goodbye any other s’ware except the stuff needed to run Windows. Damn!

  2. It’s about freaking time! Garageband 3.0 was buggy, buggy, buggy! Maybe now I’ll be able to open the Preferences, and maybe Snap to Grid will work again!
    Won’t know till I get home and off this damn Windows box though.

  3. Does anyone take Woz seriously anymore?

    Segway Polo? Wasn’t the Segway going to be the “next big thing” to change humanity?

    I normally ingnore Andrew’s comments.. but, that had to be the most disappointing video that I’ve seen in a long time.

  4. Billy Bob,
    Both iMovie and iPhoto are “more mature” than GarageBand … each has had more updates along the way than GB has. Plus, while each got a significant upgrade with iLife ’06, GB saw more changes than either of the others. For iMovie and iPhoto it was:
    a) more of the same
    b) integration, including to iWeb.
    GB saw that, and it saw Pod-casting-specific added features. True, half of the Pod-cast support is actually older features made easier to reach and recognize, but the other half are new. Take the new (at least, I didn’t notice it earlier) settings that allow you to run one track at full volume except when another is active – then it automagically lowers the level on the track you’ve identified as ‘background’. And, now it has to deal with video integration?

    If you think you need help for iMovie, maybe what you really need is Final Cut? That sort of migration is the reason iMovie is all but free.

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