Report: Apple Mac workstations to feature Intel Woodcrest processors as early as third quarter 2006

Asia Pacific sales and marketing group general manager John Antone spoke with Computerworld’s Juha Saarinen in Taipei about Intel’s focus on low power, more efficient processor designs and seems to have let the cat out of the bag:

“Intel is hoping that the Woodcrest CPU, which promises 8% better performance with a third less power usage, will drive many of the mashed-up apps in high-density server developments. It’s “Everything over IP” for Intel from now on,” Saarinen reports. “Apple customers may be the first to enjoy Intel’s new CPU goodies, with the Woodcrest family of processors making it into Macintosh workstations as early as the third quarter. Woodcrest systems will be symmetric multi processing (SMP), with dual processors with up to four cores each.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yum, eight cores of Apple Power Mac goodness! You’ll probably be able to accurately predict the weather months in advance with one of those babies!

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  1. Are the “Woodcrest” procs for Xserve type applications? I thought “Conroe” was the code name for the Desktop workstation Intel chips and “Mercom” was the low power portable chip.

    Anyone know how those three code names fit into the Core Solo and Core Duo product lines?

    (Remember when all you had to know about Intel chips was that teh 386sx was slower than the 386dx?)

  2. Except that it won’t be Apple Power Mac, as Woodcrest is a server chip. This will be for Xserves.

    Conroe is the desktop chip, and even it won’t be inside a “Power Mac”. Apple has gotten over the entire “Power Mac” name, and is going to some new name with the word “Mac” in it.

    If Apple marketing can pick a name that somehow conveys that this “Mac” can run Windows, making it easy for ignorant folks to see the possibility, then Apple’s sales will spike.

  3. This is an exageration.

    Based upon my estimates and sources that can’t be named that have divulged this information predicated upon anonymity, have confirmed that performance will not top 7.85% and will only be 2/6 as efficient.

    Check you facts and sources MDN!

  4. 3rd Quarter?

    Possibly, after all Vista is going to be released sometime in November and they need to test the OS on the new processors.

    I don’t expect to see these new Intel PowerMac’s till the end of the fourth quater.

    By the way, the garbagemen took my stinking dead chicken away. They were not pleased and left my cans in the drainage ditch where snakes live and bite people. I survived.

  5. “Except that it won’t be Apple Power Mac, as Woodcrest is a server chip. This will be for Xserves.”

    Ogre Magus: You may be right, and all previous declarations and speculation supports you. However… the subject quoted in the article definitely states “the Woodcrest family of processors making it into Macintosh workstations as early as the third quarter…”

  6. It seems more likely that Conroe, the successor to the Pentium 4 line in terms of its target market, will be the chip used in intel Powermacs, rather than the Woodcrest line, which is essentially the successor to the Xeon line in terms of its target market.

    On the other hand, since PowerMacs have always been more professional workstation than your average desktop, it is possible they will opt for the server chip instead.

    What would seem most logical to me would be to create two new types of tower mac, one with Conroe and priced a bit lower (more than an iMac, but less than the Woodcrest tower macs) and a few workstation-class machines in the 2700-3000+ range to take over market from the Quad.

    It would just be confusing to try and make one powermac line try and fulfill the needs of both those looking for a desktop computer and those looking for a full-fledged workstation computer.

    I for one would like to see a tower computer targeted towards the high end consumer market/low end professional market using Conroe, with the high end professional market using Woodcrest. And of course, the iMac could use either a high-end Merom or a mid-range Conroe.

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