Apple Mac resellers preinstalling Boot Camp and Microsoft’s Windows XP

“Several Apple resellers are marketing Intel-based Mac desktops and portables with Windows XP pre-installed, but Apple Computer Inc. reiterated that it has no intention of following their lead. The resellers, which include a small Utah-based company and a major California computer online warehouse, are bundling Windows XP with standard Macintosh models, and pre-installing the Microsoft operating system using the Boot Camp dual-boot application that Apple released earlier this month,” Gregg Keizer reports for

“ExperCom is touting a $2,029 MacBook Pro with Windows XP Home pre-loaded; the price is just $35 above the Apple price for the portable. Meanwhile,,, and — all three part of Torrance, Calif.-based PC Mall — list MacBook Pro, iMac, and Mac mini machines with XP Home or XP Professional installed. Windows XP Home bumps up the usual price of the computer by $100, while XP Professional costs an additional $150. Retail prices for Windows XP Home are in the $190-198 range,” Keizer reports. “A sales representative from MacMall told TechWeb that users can select the size of the disk partition assigned to Windows XP during the ordering process… But there are limits to what the resellers will do. “We don’t support Windows XP – and neither does Apple,” ExperCom said on its site.”

“The bundling of Windows with Mac was inevitable, said Joe Wilcox, an analyst with JupiterMedia. But he didn’t think that the trend will become widespread, and doesn’t believe Apple will ever follow suit,” Keizer reports. “It’ll be cold day in hell when Apple sells Windows in its retail stores or online. ‘It’s not in Apple’s interest to promote Windows’ that way, said Wilcox. If Apple did pre-install Windows, it would have to follow the same rules as other OEMs, like Dell and HP, which are required to shoulder the Windows support burden. But the ability to order a machine ready to run both Mac OS X and Windows XP out of the box may be increasingly attractive as the year goes on, Wilcox argued. ‘The sales path is cleared for Apple through 2006. There will be no marketing bang around [Windows] Vista, and Macs are fresh, new, and different. So the people who are tired of the same thing, who want to try something new, but realize that the reality is that Windows is everywhere, they may start thinking about a Mac.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Excellent development! Apple’s “Embrace and extinguish” plan is executing flawlessly. Give them their Windows “insecurity blanket” first. Let them find out for themselves what Mac OS X and Apple’s Mac-only apps like iLife, Safari, etc. are all about. Then, when the time comes to buy their next Mac, they’ll be just like us: they won’t even care if it can run Windows. We are extremely confident that Mac OS 10.4 Tiger will win converts from Windows XP. Heck, for that matter, we’re extremely confident that Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar would win converts from Windows XP. We’ve seen it happen in real life too many times: let someone really use a Mac for a couple of weeks and they simply do not want to go back to Windows.

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  1. Embrace and Extinguish alright.

    Embrace Intel, Extinguish PPC
    After all it’s the OS, not the processor right?

    Embrace Windows, Extinguish Mac OS X.
    After all, it’s the hardware and the suite of Apps, not the OS right?

    You might want to consider under the Apple master plan just who’s being induced to switch from what to what.

  2. I wonder if Boot Camp keeps track of which OS people are booting up to. It would be an interesting statistics. I suspect people will be booting up to Windows fairly often for first six months, then start to decline to point only reason for people to bootup on Windows will be to keep Windows SP and Anti-virus definition files up to date (Just like my Windows computer at home).

  3. Davida said “just disconnect from the web every time you go into XP”

    Or if VM is used to run XP, then don’t give network access. I’m not sure Parallel can do that or not (I hope it can).

  4. This is a big deal for Apple resellers, who aren’t allowed to compete with Apple’s own stores on price and have to find other ways to stand out. Adding Windows XP and pre-configuring Boot Camp is a perfect “value-add” for them. (MDN = “value”!)

    And to the “Embrace” troll: When has anyone EVER said “it’s not the OS”? Really, we need to get the “Apple will stop making hardware” trolls in the same room with the “Apple will stop making software” trolls and let them battle to the death. Hopefully no one will survive.

    Anyone who thinks that giving Macs the ability to run Windows means the death of OS X doesn’t understand why people buy Macs. They think it’s just because of the pretty hardware and completely devalue the operating system. Meanwhile, a second group of idiots think the hardware is “overpriced” and go around preaching that Apple should just sell OS X for generic PCs. The two viewpoints are mutually exclusive, and both are completely dumb-ass wrong.

  5. LordRobin, History shows it’s easy to get Mac customers to give up on previously held “Truths” and move on to new “Truths” as long as Steve Jobs blesses the new “Truth”.

    Yesterday Intel was the Great Satan, and PCC was wonderful. Today an Intel CPU is the best thing since sliced bread for Apple and PPC is now 4x slower (apparently).

    Yesterday Windows on a Mac was Evil and would never happen. Now it’s a Wonderful thing for Apple.

    Today Apple will take over the world with it’s OS and Microsoft will fall at Apple’s feet.

    Tomorrow perhaps a good percentage of Apples will be used with XP rather than Mac OS, and Apple will decide to pre-load it. Then the “Truth” will shift again.

    And the Faithful will Follow, because they’re well trained to make these kinds of mental shifts and make the right excuses to themseleves for why it is a Good Thing.

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