Microsoft’s silence is deafening regarding Apple’s Macs that can run Windows, too

“Posturing is important in the tech world, where ‘coopertition’ — cooperating with your competition — is just as important and widely practiced as competition itself. That may explain why Apple suddenly is vocal about a Mac that runs Windows and Microsoft is silent about the same subject,” David Radin writes for The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “Apple will be very happy. Hewlett Packard, Dell, Gateway and other PC manufacturers will be unhappy as they lose market share to Apple’s dual operating system PCs. And most of us will think Microsoft will be happy because it will be selling more Windows licenses.”

“But will Microsoft really be happy with a short-term gain that becomes a larger loss in the long term? I can’t see why they would be. Sure, they’ll sell more Windows licenses as well as Office licenses for both operating systems. But they’ll be beginning a slippery slide into a competitive environment,” Radin writes. “Imagine a Windows user who, having heard for years about the Mac, decides to make his next Windows computer a Mac. At first he only plays with Mac OS while he uses Windows for his normal work. But as he plays, he gets used to the Mac OS until sooner-or-later he becomes comfortable with it — comfortable enough to start using it for his normal work. Apple’s market share grows. Software developers start to see a better market for software running on Mac OS — and Microsoft loses its advantage of having the most important business applications in its huge catalog.”

Radin writes, “It could spell the end of monopoly power for the Redmond, Wash.-based giant — and give Apple more clout. If I were Microsoft, I’d keep quiet too. It’s against Microsoft’s best interest to create an official Windows for Mac or support it.”

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Exactly. In fact, Radin sounds just like our own SteveJack wrote back on April 5th upon Apple’s release of Boot Camp, “Millions of Windows-only users will now get to see for themselves what they’ve been missing. We all know what happens when people really try a Mac. They want to use the Mac and they dislike using Windows more and more. Eventually, they figure out ways to use Windows as little as possible or stop using it altogether. As Mac market share gains come, and they will come, software developers will notice; so will Wall Street. Today, Apple dropped a hydrogen bomb on the Windows hegemony. Nothing will ever be the same. Immediately affected will be the box assemblers like Dell, HP, Sony, Toshiba, Lenovo, etc. Eventually, Microsoft itself will feel the pain as people naturally gravitate to booting into Mac OS X and realizing that Windows is dreck and they can do without it. Today, Apple changed the world, yet again. Hang on, it’s going to be a wild ride!” Full article here.

What has Microsoft said of Boot Camp so far? All we’ve heard from Microsoft was the brief, disingenuous statement, “‘Windows is a great operating system. We’re pleased that Apple customers are excited about running it, and that Apple is responding to meet the demand.” The MacDailyNews translation of what Microsoft really meant: “Windows is obviously not a great operating system. We’re upset that customers will now get to compare Windows to Mac OS X because we know that we lose whenever that happens. Damn that Steve Jobs!”

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  1. It’s similar to using web browsers. You were raised on using Internet Explorer on your Mac. You used it in preference to Netscape. You used it for years. Then you began to use other browsers such as Safari, Camino and Firefox. You then used Internet Explorer less and less. Your long-term allegience to Internet Explorer vanishes almost overnight. Then you wonder what you ever saw in using Internet Explorer in the first place.

  2. Microsoft ought to be worrying more what will happen if Macs start running Windows software without requiring Windows.

    And whatever Apple implement into OSX, you can bet the Linux crowd will be swift on the uptake with something similar.

    Everything for Microsoft is now pinned on Vista. If that doesn’t get a swift takeoff, the rivals marketshare will climb very quickly.

  3. LordRobin, that doesn’t really matter. If you’re a Windows user and you consider buying a Mac, you go straight to Apple, not to third-party Mac makers. You go to either the store or their website.
    Besides, I have no doubt that within the next few months Apple will shut down the production and the selling of those.

  4. EdgeleyExile™ 50:

    Correct, mi amigo, running Windows apps on a Mac without Windows is Microsoft’s greatest fear. Nothing could be more disturbing than being made obsolete or irrelevant, and having little time and few resources to overturn the situation.

    The greatest fear for many Mac users will be the loss of the aesthetics of the Mac interface. If the only programs available for Mac aficionados begin to look as ugly and feel as stodgy as those on a PC, there will be groans and mumblings of discontent. I hope that Apple and others recognize that the “Mac style” is a much a part of the Mac world as the Apple icon and the “Think Different” motto.

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