Windows Vista to be Microsoft’s last operating system?

“I don’t think Microsoft will ship another Operating System after Vista launches. I believe that a combination of technical difficulties and changing markets will prevent it from creating a product that is relevant in the market. Consider this, if the latest shipping dates are to be believed, it will have taken Microsoft over six years to get Windows Vista out the door and to its consumers. And based on past events, it is safe to assume that Vista will require at least one service pack before it is truly ready for use. Of course, factoring in the normal Microsoft delays for producing patches, such a comprehensive service pack will probably take another year before it can be released to users. That would mean that it will have taken Microsoft 7+ years to make a usable operating system,” James R. Stoup writes for Apple Matters. “Now consider how long it could take Microsoft to produce Vista’s successor.”

“With Google threatening to release a web-based OS, and Apple potentially using virtualization to run all Windows applications, Microsoft might find that by the time it can cobble something together, it no longer has a market interested in its product,” Stoup writes.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Not as far-fetched as some might believe.

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  1. “Windows Vista to be Microsoft’s last operating system?”

    Well, one can only hope. But then, I also hope that “Miracle” is Celine Dion’s last album, but that doesn’t mean the bitch won’t keep caterwauling away just to spite me.

    “I haven’t heard caterwauling like that since Jolson.” – Montgomery Burns, or at least that’s the way I remember the quote. Apologies to Simpsons nerds if I messed it up.

  2. he’s right on. Microsoft probably won’t produce another OS but they will always be around… look a General Electric, they started off doing one thing and now they are doing a completely different thing. businesses with that much cash don’t fold under competition … they just find new ways of making money. Its ok Microsoft if you want to get out of the computer business you’re probably better sutied to be making cute toys anyway!

  3. I’ve been speculating this for months. I think that Microsoft will need to perform a major house cleaning, a la Job’s return to Apple (focus on core assets).

    They could do it, but asswipes like Ballmer would have to go. And no more vaporware.

  4. And hey, don’t be offended because I called Celine Dion a bitch.

    I didn’t mean to imply that she was mean or unpleasant, I meant “bitch” as in that’s what you call a female dog.

  5. Hey hey, no deleting my posts.

    I just wanted to apologize if I offended anyone unintentionally by calling Celine Dion a bitch.

    I meant “bitch” in its other definition – a female dog.

    I keed, I keed. Not.

  6. “I didn’t mean to imply that she was mean or unpleasant, I meant “bitch” as in that’s what you call a female dog.”

    That’s probably why you shouldn’t use the word that way in public discourse. Just a suggestion. Otherwise I enjoyed your post.

  7. Microsoft will never die. Even if Vista is the final Microsoft OS and Office is given a merciful death — it became bloated long ago — I am sure that Microsoft has its hands in enough other ventures that it will always have money in the bank.

    25 years from now, Microsoft may be the world’s largest textile manufacturer. At least that will give us all a use for the latest patches. :~)

  8. Stupid article. The only reason Vista is so late is because they’re trying to ensure backward compatibility going back to DOS and Windows 3.1 applications…

    They won’t make that mistake next time. I expect M$ to put “legacy” Windows apps in a sandbox, to run within whatever new OS they decided on, like Apple did with Classic when it launched OS X.

    This isn’t the end of M$ as an OS vendor though… dumb dumb dumb article.

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