Apple iTunes Gift Cards help boost growth of digital music in U.S.

“Gift vouchers for digital music tracks are helping to boost the growth of digital music in the U.S., a senior executive for Universal Music Group, or UMG, a unit of Vivendi Universal, told Dow Jones Newswires Thursday,” Jessica Hodgson reports for Dow Jones Newsletters. “Larry Kenswil, President of Universal’s eLabs unit, with overall responsibility for Universal’s new technology operations, said: ‘In the U.S. there’s been fantastic gift card download sales.’ UMG is the world’s largest music company by sales. Kenswil said the ‘seasonal’ nature of digital sales had taken executives at Universal by surprise. ‘Towards the middle of last year we were wondering if the digital revolution was over. But after the holiday season sales really picked up as a result of gift cards.’ Kenswil said gift cards were helping to introduce digital music to a generation of consumers who hadn’t previously experimented with the format.”

“The recorded music industry is beginning to recover from five years of falling revenues, caused largely piracy and the growth of unauthorized file-sharing Internet networks. However, the recent success of services such as iTunes and other music download services is seen by analysts as helping the music industry to recover,” Hodgson reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Why Universal execs are surprised by the seasonal nature of music sales is anybody’s guess. What, they don’t have enough decades of music sales data with which to allay their surprise? Such foolishness. Also, the full article, for some reason (misguided political correctness or something), attempts to include the piddling also-ran online outfits, but make no mistake: Apple’s iTunes Music Store has around 90% of the market in the U.S now. Apple’s iTunes Music Cards are the gift cards that are boosting sales. That fact bodes well for Steve Jobs as he negotiates another round of contracts with the “greedy” music labels.

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  1. Apple should now threaten to remove Warner Music Group’s content off of iTunes if they don’t reduce the cost of the songs from 99 cents to 89 cents.

    The WMG stock would plummet, as maybe 20% of their total profits now come from the iTunes store.

  2. Ahhhh, the addition of Porn to the conversation-sex always finds it way into a conversation.

    BUT! (no pun intended)

    It makes a one hell of a boat load of money!!!!!!!!! AND—–

    What would happen if Porn moved into music industry-would they “stick” it to them or “rub” them the wrong way? Would the greedy executives be sweating from the competion or finding a new bed-fellow or girl!

    Only time will tell.

    ITS A THOUGHT ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  3. Isn’t it wild how the music industry is fighting instead of working with apple to promote their bands and groups with ads like “now available on iTunes”

    The iPod’s are out in the market, now encourage people to buy your music.
    Offer DVD type “bonus” videos or interviews to get folks to buy songs.
    Apple doesn’t advertise iTunes on TV, they advertise iPod. Ipod is good for Apple and iTunes is good for the music industry, they get 80% of every dollar.

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