Washington Times: Parallels Workstation 2.1 ran Windows XP ‘quite nicely’ on an Apple Macintosh

“Apple Computer’s announcement of Boot Camp, a way to run Microsoft Corp.’s Windows XP on Apple’s Intel-based Macintosh computers, raises the question: Why run Windows on a Mac? The answer is simple: Some programs exist solely on the Windows platform. Mac users who want access to those applications need help. But there is more than one way to put Windows onto an Intel-based Mac, it turns out. ‘Virtualization software’ — such as the still-in-Beta version 2.1 of Parallels Workstation, a program from Herndon, Va.-based Parallels — also can do the job,” Mark Kellner reports for The Washington Times.

“Running Windows side by side with the Mac OS, instead of the either/or method of Boot Camp — where you start an Intel-based Mac with either Windows or the Mac OS — has some an obvious advantage. Copying or cutting and pasting between Windows and Mac applications is perhaps the greatest one,” Kellner reports. “In operation, Parallels Workstation was easy to install, and easy to add Microsoft Windows. The firm claims to support versions of Windows going back to 3.1, as well as several flavors of the Linux operating system and some other Intel-based systems, including IBM’s ill-starred OS/2. I chose Windows XP, and it installed and ran quite nicely… The melding of Mac and Windows may not be an achievement on a par with the driving of the ‘Golden Spike’ to create a transcontinental rail link in 1869, but it’s a nice way to bridge a computing gap and let users get more work done.”

Full article here.

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  1. man, this new version rocks…
    – CD works
    – Airport works, thus networking works beautifully

    I did run a couple of c/s apps within the same iiMac box, server on OS X, client on XP, pretty darn fast.

    I even tried RDC’ing from OS X to the Win/XP, all on the same box.

    MW:keep, as in keep them updates coming

  2. “Whoa. What’s with the new greeny underlined advertising.

    I’m glad someone else posted about this. I thought my browser had gone spooky.

    They are keyword adverts from intellitext.com

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