Apple Centre Mac Store opens in Abu Dhabi Mall (w/ link to photos)

“I have some pictures… the new Mac Store [Apple Centre] in Abu Dhabi Mall looks really nice. Apparently it opened today so it’s really brand new. They had Windows XP running on a MacBook Pro but they had not installed the drivers so the graphics were really slow, there was no AirPort, no sound, etc. I think it’s really cool that they had Windows running on a Mac on display in the store though,” Emirates Mac reports. “They have pretty much good stock of iPods+accessories, iMac, iBooks, Macbook Pros,” Ajlan adds for Emirates Mac here.

Full article with photos here.

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  1. Are you kidding me?? This is not a real Apple Store! Do your homework before you announce another “Apple Store”… these Resellers have always been around in the Middle East… nothing new!

  2. MacDaddy,

    MacDailyNews quite clearly and correctly noted “Apple Centre” in the headline and even inserted “Apple Centre” into the quote blurb from the Emirates Mac website. Clearly, MDN have done their homework, you ‘tard.

    It is a new store that opened today, moron.

    Where did MDN “announce another ‘Apple Store?'” Hello? Hello, idiot?

    Are you a complete asshole all the time or just in this isolated case, fsckface?

    In closing, go fsck yourself.

  3. MacDaddy,

    Are you kidding all of us?? This is not a real Apple Store, as MDN noted – repeatedly! Do your homework before you criticize another article… This Apple Centre Mac Store just opened today in the Abu Dhabi Mall… it’s totally new!

  4. geez, take a chill pill people, its not like the guy accidently killed your children or somethin’. Now what I’m fscking pissed about is the new ‘intellitext’ bs. It makes reading a chore. Cut that crap out MDN, do a pledge drive, sell hats/t-shirts, somethin’ else, please!

  5. It’s a shame that Apple isn’t more present in the UAE/GCC region. Basically all people I’m dealing with in Doha or Dubai are very interested in Apple’s products – but they always ask me where to get the stuff other than online. They want to try before they buy…and the stores in the region suck to say the least. Needless to say that even though these countries are everything but crowded – they will be playing the keyroles of tomorrows economy.

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