32-foot-by-32-foot glass cube-topped Midtown Manhattan Apple ‘Mecca’ to serve the faithful 24/7?

“We had really hoped to confirm recent blog reports that a massive Apple Computer store going up in midtown Manhattan, aka ‘Apple Mecca,’ will be the company’s first retail outlet open 24 hours a day. But, alas, an Apple spokesman said the company isn’t ready to confirm, deny or make any official announcements about the store, so we can only offer our observations, and point to what others have written,” Michelle Meyers blogs for CNET.

“The store–which will reportedly be 25,000 square feet–is located in the underground retail plaza of the General Motors Building on Fifth Avenue,” Meyers writes. “For what it’s worth, we did find Apple job postings for the Midtown store, and no mention of 24-7 work.”

Full article here.

“The Midtown Manhattan store, which will be located inside the GM building and feature a 32-foot glass cube entrance outside, remains on track to open in May. Construction is planned to wrap-up in the next month with employees slated to being training by the end of April. Apart from its prominent location, the store remains unique in that could be the first to be open 24 hours per day, 7 days a week,” Think Secret reports.

Full article here.

Photo of Apple’s glass cube under construction here and here.

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  1. Nuflux, the store is NYC, not Lickanus, Wisconsin. Yeah, people will buy MacBooks at 4 AM in New York. And software, and anything else you can imagine. 4 AM in Manhatten is roughly equivalent to 7 p.m. anywhere else. The number of New Yorkers getting off work between 2-4 a.m. would, by themselves, equal or exceed the population of the second or third largest city in quite a few states, and the largest in a few others.

  2. OpJ,

    It’s Manhattan, not “Manhatten,” and I live here. And despite your fantasy of “the city that never sleeps,” believe me, it’s not what you think–especially at the GM building on 5th Ave. East Village–sure, I could see an all-night store there. But not midtown.

  3. Having lived a couple of blocks from this new store, I highly doubt it will be open 24/7. While that corner is very busy with tourists during the day, it is a virtual ghost town after 7 or 8pm.

    NYC is billed as the city that never sleeps, but few businesses in NYC are actually open very convenient hours (many banks close at 3:30pm!)…let alone 24 hours. The only things open 24 hours are the corner delis.


  4. Under the cover of darkness… at 3:49:23 AM the sad Gollum.. i mean windows Admin can come into the Apple store and buy that MacBook Pro without being caught by his kind or made fun of by the Mac Elites…

    Thats the only way hardened Windows pricks can come in and take a look at and buy MACS without being caught in the light of day!!!!

    Simply brilliant. Great Idea.

  5. This new store does beg this question: Will Dan Brown write a new book called the Jobs Code?

    This new retail store is very similar to the Louvre plaza in Paris, with the exception of a cube instead of a pyramid.

    I can see it now, Tom hanks in the store, searching for the secret code on the antique Lisa in the corner. . .

  6. Nobody realizes the importance of 24 hour stores. There is nothing worse than wanting to go to the store (or anywhere, for that matter) but having it be closed. All of the 24 hour K-marts in my area shut down, and it is driving me crazy.

    I like the cube though. I hope Apple introduces an intel 64 bit cube like it’s older brother the G4 cube.

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