VMware plans Mac version of virtualization software

“If you think running Windows XP on an Apple Macintosh sounds like hot stuff, wait until something called virtualization takes off. Then you’ll be able to run Windows, the Mac operating system and Linux at the same time, toggling between them as easily as you now click between applications running in different windows,” Kevin Maney reports for USA Today. “And that’s not long in coming. Virtualization is already running on at least 4 million PCs, says Diane Greene, who runs the leading virtualization software company, VMware. The company’s products won’t run on Macs yet, and they’re not ready for the mass market. VMware is used, for instance, by people who run Linux on Windows machines.”

“But virtualization is a fast-growing business for VMware and its parent, EMC. ‘We’d like to let anybody run any operating system (OS) on any machine,’ Greene says. ‘You’ll be able to buy any application you want and not worry what OS it runs on.’ Apple’s Boot Camp only takes that so far. It makes it easier to run Windows XP on a Mac, but you’d have to restart your computer to get from one to the other. There is software on the Web that can make a Mac run another OS, but it’s difficult to use. Virtualization software tricks the computer into thinking each OS is the only one on the machine – so multiple operating systems can run simultaneously but not get in each others’ way. VMware has plans to roll out virtualization for consumers over coming years. ‘We can run it on the Mac OS in our labs already,’ Greene says,” Maney reports.

Full article here.

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    But my show will eventually arrive and when it does it will rule like a dominatrix in leather. Or like Trump with his hair. Yeh-heh-hehessss, you can all kiss my tight black ass when that happens.

  2. These virtualization companies better fine tune those betas and burn some midnight oil to get product out of the labs, because when Leopard is released there will be no need for 3rd party virtualization. It will be native to the OSX system. Here kitty, kitty, kitty…

  3. If you think running Windows XP on an Apple Macintosh sounds like hot stuff, wait until something called virtualization takes off

    When you’re playing games, you don’t need to switch to OS X to check your email.

    Screw it.. we already have the perfect system thanks to Boot Camp.

    Windows is for Games, and “rare” Business Apps

    Native XP on Boot Camp is actually better than any of this crap.. why put up with resource hogging

  4. Virtualization is nice. I got a VM ware demonstration on Friday, the computer (PC) was running various windoze versions plus linux. There were “Sarari-like” tabs at the top of the screen and each tab was a different OS. This would be great for Apple, because geeks that value quality won’t be stuck using PC’s.

  5. This is what I have been waiting for all my life. I love my powerbook its bloody awesome, BUT I am an asp.net web developer. I love asp.net and SQL Server, but surprise surprise I HATE windows. I do use VM Ware on my PC with a Pentium D 930 and its awesome, I have a few linuxes and a few flavours of windows running virtually to suss them out.

    If I can only run IIS web server, visual studio and sql server virtually, and use photoshop, illustrator, dreamweaver, fireworks, and everything else on my mac, how awesome would THAT be.

  6. This all sounds great, but I bet the script hickies are already working with both Parallels software, Boot Camp and VMWare to break OSX. I just hope that Apple keeps the virus and ?wares away while other OS’s occupy that same drive.

    Personally, I purchased my G5 to use OSX with it.

  7. ,i>There were “Sarari-like” tabs at the top of the screen and each tab was a different OS. This would be great for Apple, because geeks that value quality won’t be stuck using PC’s</i>

    Unfortunately, to go mainstream it has to be usable by non-geeks. OS tabs sound cool, but how do you explain it all to Mom? How do you explain that different systems might come up depending on where you click? (i.e. “Sonny, I clicked and now everything looks different!”) How do you get her to shut down virtual systems she isn’t using? (Heh, getting her to shut down certain Mac apps when all the app’s windows are closed is hard enough.) And, oh GOD, how do you walk Mom thorough setting it all up?

    So from an OEM point of view, Boot Camp is a good choice for Apple. Sure it’s less convenient, but it’s also less confusing. Those who know what they’re doing & want more flexibility can always opt for VMware.

  8. Boot camp will allow Windows to actually compare Windows and OSX; not just an hour or a day, but all day every day. It takes time to actually use a new OS and get comfortable with it.

    As Mac users, we should be more confident that they’ll convert and Mac developers will have a bigger base to program for. We already know how good it is.

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