Quick primer to help Mac fans stay safe in Windows XP Boot Camp world

“Convergence has come to the software world. Last week Apple pulled a feature planned for inclusion in the next generation of Mac OS X (code-named Leopard) and offered it up to the public like an early Christmas present. Boot Camp is a free software download that allows your Intel-based Mac to dual-boot into both Mac OS X 10.4.6 and Windows XP SP2 (and there are early reports that some have installed Linux, as well),” Robert Vamosi writes for CNET. “That’s right, for the first time you don’t have to choose between buying an Apple Mac or a Dell or a HP; the Apple Intel-based Macs give you operating system variety like never before. And early results suggest that running Windows-based apps on a Mac chassis could give you superior results (at least with graphics-intense apps, such as Photoshop), but Apple has acknowledged that not all Mac hardware is supported, including Bluetooth keyboards and mice. But for many longtime Mac fans, maintaining PC security will be a whole new process.”

Vamosi offers “a quick primer to help Mac fans stay safe in a Windows XP Boot Camp world” in his full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: From Apple’s Boot Camp page online: “Word to the Wise: Windows running on a Mac is like Windows running on a PC. That means it’ll be subject to the same attacks that plague the Windows world. So be sure to keep it updated with the latest Microsoft Windows security fixes.”

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  1. Step Two: Do Not Install the crapware known as Windows

    If you do have to install Windows, don’t expose it to a network. Or use anything wireless. Or use disks or data from an untrusted source. Or….ugh!

    Nothing new here. At least with Boot Camp the Mac & XP sides are isolated from each other.

    MW: attack. How fitting.

  2. How does this guy figure Photoshop runs better on the Mac?

    He never heard that Photoshop is hobbled by Rosetta, and that users should stay with the PPC until it can run natively on the Mac?

    Do your homework, Vamosi. Or vamoose-i!

  3. I already know one Windoze user considering buying a mac so that she can move to osX but still keep her tacky Windoze world. I can’t yet convince her that that’s uncecessary. Anyway, isn’t there a way she could disable all internet functionality on the Windoze side and just use the mac side for email and surfing? Can’t you uninstall IE?

    I mean, for the one or two Windows-only apps she might have to use, she’d be pretty safe only booting into XP for those.

    Any ideas?

  4. I’m not sure that any Mac users are relishing the prospect of running Windows itself; rather, what’s exciting is the ability to take advantage of software that was previously off-limits to them without having to buy a PC to run it. Games, specialized software in Windows-dominated fields (such as business, architecture, construction, 3D visualization, etc.) are now no longer hindrances to buying a Mac; essentially, you have the ability to use OS X as your primary OS but use Windows until apps that you want or need are ported over. Even if they never are, you can still use them.

    Think about it. If you want or need to run WIndows-only software, what’s the better solution: simply not using it, buying a PC, or dual-booting? I know what my answer is.

  5. Although the choice is excellent, and it REALLY shows how on the ball Apple are compared to Microsloth, I’d prefer to run Windoze on a £299 Dull, therefore not risking the security of my Mac.

  6. No I dont use 3DSM. No one is forcing you to put it on your Mac.
    I just offered the simplest solution thats all, dont get bent about it.

    You might also have noticed I used one of Apple’s old ads as a basis for my post. Yeah, it’s called humor.

  7. Here’s how this joker finishes his article:
    “But with Windows clearly dominating the world market, the criminal hackers have had a head start in attacking Windows-based systems. There may yet be equity ahead. And when that happens, I’ll post how Windows users can remain safe on Macs (or Linux).”

    What an ass

  8. Hey Gizmo, I think he was refering to the fact that Photoshop runs better under windows, on a Mac than it runs under windows on a Dell, or HP. Kinda funny that windows programs run better on an intel Mac than PPC programs.

  9. “Let’s see if Adobe doesn’t bother with a Universal Binary version.”

    Out of all the software companies, Adobe is most like to port to UniBin. 50% of Photoshop sales come from their Mac customers. There’s no way they’ll risk alienating such a large group, especially when Apple’s Aperture could swiftly morph to fill the void.

  10. One last plea, can we please get beyond this Windoze miasma? Right now?

    Let’s get back to the Mac AND OS X. Windoze may completely take over the world soon enough, but right now let’s enjoy not having to talk about Spindze anymore. Really, please.

    Those that really need to use both OSes on a single piece of hardware are few and far between – and of course we stand ready to lend a sympathetic ear when necessary, but lets move back to what we prefer…. I’m assuming we still prefer OS X.

    Really MDN, lets get back to Mac/OS X stuff today, please.

    Am I begging? Ok, I’ll stop – but really, no more of this XP business starting right now, please.

    Have a nice day.

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