Beatles’ Apple vs. Jobs’ Apple closing arguments; judge’s ruling due toward end of April

“Apple Corps Ltd. executives did not object to names and logos now under dispute when they were shown an Apple Computer Inc. iTunes Music Store demonstration four months before the public service launched, an Apple Computer attorney said Wednesday during closing arguments in a trademark dispute,” Jeremy Kirk reports for IDG News Service. “The legal wrangling pits Apple Corps, The Beatles’ record label, against Apple Computer. A logo depicting an apple with a bite out of it is at the center of the disagreement. Following closing arguments in the High Court in London, the case will go to Justice Edward Mann, who will decide whether to grant an injunction barring Apple Computer from using the logo for the iTunes Music Store. Justice Mann said as the hearing closed Wednesday that he would probably issue his ruling toward the end of the month, not before the Easter weekend in the U.K. starting April 15.”

“Apple Corps attorney Geoffrey Vos charged that the computer company was a ‘Johnny-come-lately’ to the Apple name, and has deliberately trespassed on a registered trademark. ‘Apple Computer has been trying to take more and more away from us,’ Vos said… Apple Computer has in part deflected the charges by finely describing how its bite-marked apple logo disappears during purchases from the iTunes Music Store. The logo is only used to advertise the iTunes service, not the content, Apple Computer has argued,” Kirk reports. “A ruling against Apple Computer could mean the company would have to change the way its logo is presented in relation to the iTunes application and Music Store. Apple Corps would likely then pursue damages.”

Full article here.

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  1. Though the Beatles made great music…I don’t think Apple Records has had any significant success with ANY other musical acts. I could be wrong but this seems like a true nuisance lawsuit designed to simply extract money for the attorneys.

  2. Apple Corps does not object using the logo on iTunes, but they object using the logo with iTunes Music Store.

    So, where exactly do you see the logo in the iTunes Music Store? The logo is present only on the iTunes software.

    So, this is a stupid case.

    MDN word: research. Apple Corps’ lawyers must do their research before they fight for the case.

  3. “Apple Computer has been trying to take more and more away from us,”

    More what? They dont actually DO anything. They are a useless dinosaur of an organization only setup to claim profits on the music of one band.

    Oh, wait, I’m sorry i forgot about THEIR online music store and THEIR portable music player.

    Yeah, right.

  4. If Apple Corps wins this Im taking the few Beatles CD’s I got, smashing them to bits, an putting them in a bag and mailing them to sir Paul with a note:

    Dear Paul,
    This is what I think of your lawsuit. I am going onto the internet and stealing all of your music, and burning hundreds of copies and handing them out free of charge to anyone who wants one. All you need is love, and a good lawyer I guess.

  5. Apple Corps is next to useless, a front company designed to watch for potential money-grabs if ever there was one.

    The Beatles are terribly overrated anyway. Outside of the pop realm, their music is pedantic. Harrison was a thief, and Starr is an utter joke.

    Lennon wrote some good material, but McCartney is nothing more than a pop diddy master (proven beyond doubt with the execrable ‘Wings’).

    Even most Brits in surveys think this is an embarassment of a lawsuit. Pound this sh-tstain of a company into the ground. The Beatles ‘era’ is over.

    Let it be.

  6. Such a waste of the courts time and money. Apple corps should just go away as nobody really knows who or what they are about anyways. This is just a way they hope to get a little more easy money if the courts side with them. I think in this instance they will not. I’ve never associated the Apple logo with the Apple corps logo. They are very different.

  7. Remember that it is Sir Paul now. With that title come responsibility. He is representing the Queen and England. This is simply greed and people should be embarrassed. How much money does Yoko and the gang need?

  8. I agree this lawsuit is nonsense… However, the Beatles are one of the greatest selling artists of all time..

    To this day they sell more copies of their back-catalog albums than the majority of current artists.

  9. The only reason anyone knows that Apple Corps. Ltd is the Beatles is because of this lawsuit. No one ever went looking for music by Apple Corps. Ltd! And last time I looked no one is looking for music by Apple either. What a waste of time.

  10. i agree, the beatles were overrated. i can’t for the life of me figure out what’s to like. only a few good songs. mostly rubbish.

    oh, and this make’s me glad that michael jackson had ticked mccartney off before. think of the crap that we’ve had to deal with or hear about because of the beatles: lennon’s comments, paul & linda, and for pete’s sake, YOKO! jeez!

  11. hammer:

    “Pedantic” means being “excessively concerned with accuracy over trifling details of knowledge” or “insisting on strict adherence to formal rules or literal meaning.” (from OED).

    I don’t think this is the word you meant!

    Either way, just because its Apple vs Apple, doesn’t make The Beatles any less good. Personally I think McCartney is a complete prick, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think “Elenor Rigby” is genius.

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