Report: Apple 13.3-inch widescreen Intel-based ‘iBooks’ due in June

According to a Commercial Times report, Asustek Computer has attained a contract from Apple Computer for “iBook” portables, estimated at approximately 1.2 million units. The laptops will be powered by Intel Corp microprocessors and equipped with 13.3-inch widescreen displays. Reportedly, Apple will begin selling the new “iBook” in June. Suppliers of the LCD panels are to start deliveries this month.

Taiwan-based panel makers AU Optronics and Chi Mei Optoelectronics and Korea-based LG. Philips LCD recently received orders for 13.3-inch widescreen notebook panels from Apple with shipments kicking off in April. AU Optronics will ship about 40,000-50,000 units monthly to Apple, the Chinese-language Commercial Times report stated today.

MacDailyNews Take: The “MacBooks,” they are a comin’!

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  1. Once the intel Mac pro arrives, that means the transition to intel will be complete. Goodbye IBM.

    I still love the Power branding though, “PowerMac, PowerBook” instead of ‘intel Mac Pro”.

    Am still prefers Apple will continue carries the word “G”, like “G6” or “G” that would be soooo coool, rather than confusing cords ADC 9612, SLV-Z800, 6120………Those brands who carries all this have absolutely no taste…….

  2. What is it with people and ‘waa waa its got intergated graphics i’m not buying it’?

    Geez – have you used an intel mini? can you honestly say that its worse off because the graphics is intergrated?
    I’d eat my hat if you can tell without prior knowledge.

    Some people can be so closed minded!
    Just like modems and sound cards, eventually you wont even think about it.


  3. If these reports are in any way accurate, then I’m going to be looking for the first MacTel upgrades in June/July.

    Intel has already announced the second phase of their Core Duo family will be released in July.

    Could the timing of the Mac Book release correspond with an upgrade of the MacBook Pro to faster processors? I think so.

  4. MacBooks….

    I feel the same way.

    But isn’t it an emotional response?

    Do the integrated graphics effect anything else you do on the computer – apart from 3D games?

    Can anyone with a new Mac mini tell me?

  5. Integrated graphics effects things like core image or any complex visual system. However integrated graphics does not always have to be a very bad thing. It’s not really a good thing but the system in the mac mini is supposed to be very respectable. It has circuitry designed to handle HD content, and it’s been shown the dual core can even do 1080, and since the mini has PCI-X and DDR2 RAM, keeping the VRAM off chip doesn’t create a significant lag between the GPU and memory like it does on slower RAM systems. So the only real problem is that your system will have less RAM, but at least that is fixable. On older integrated graphics systems nothing could make up for the lag between GPU and memory, while on the mac mini throwing some more cash as it will bring you back up to par. Spending more money isn’t my favorite thing to do, but at least it can be done. With a gig of ram in it, the mac mini should be more than adequate and will outperform anything apple has ever sold for less than a thousand bucks.

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