Apple Macs are for everybody

“For quite some time, Apple has been referred to as the ‘other’ brand when it comes to computers. Most people think only graphic artists and those with jobs in technology or design use Macs; either that or they’re techie geeks. Regular folks who use computers for such simple tasks as writing papers and PowerPoint projects, and for e-mail and surfing the Internet, just stick to PCs fitted with Microsoft Windows because they’re more familiar with the program,” Beia Formoso writes for The Philippine Daily Inquirer. “But the truth is Mac computers are not just for those with the technical know-how or in creative professions. Quite the contrary, Mac was and still is designed for even the simplest user, the non-techie who wants easy-to-use form and function in a machine and at the same time the freedom to create and express herself. Now that Mac computers have Intel processors, that means you, yes you who have been using a PC for years, can shift to a Mac with the greatest of ease! …It paved the way for universality in computer programs that can now be used in both Mac and PCs. Software that in the past could only be utilized in PCs can now be installed in Mac computers.”

MacDailyNews Take: That was going along so well until the bit about the Intel processor and running Windows programs on Macs. Apple won’t preclude users from installing Windows on Macs, but right now, doing so is strictly up to the user. Potential Mac users should not be led to expect that their Macs will run Windows software out of the box; they’ll be in for a shock.

Formoso continues, “The new computers and laptops have truly outdone themselves when it comes to form. The MacBook Pro is a silver 15.4 inch-screen laptop while the white iMac desktop computer comes in 17- or 20-inch wide screen flat-panel display. Both come with built-in speakers, microphone, and for the first time ever, iSight, a video camera that allows video conferencing with up to three people simultaneously… But like most things in life, it’s what’s inside that count. The Mac OS X Tiger operating system organizes your programs and files in a simple, easy-to-use manner that is at the same time a joy to look at with creative icons and graphics. From the lifesaver floater icon signifying the Help program to the silver-wired trash can for deleted items, Mac’s icons and commands are fun and user-friendly. It is all laid out there in a miniscule dashboard [dock] at the bottom of the screen, and can be moved or taken out as you like.”

“But what usually steals the show is iLife, which includes Apple’s unique programs, namely iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, iDvd and Garageband. This award-winning suite of digital lifestyle applications has just gotten even better with the iLife ’06,” Formoso writes. “That is truly what sets a Mac computer apart from the rest. It has a personality of its own. It’s not just a machine, but an extension of oneself. Apple has built the total package in terms of both hardware and software, keeping in mind appearance but, of course, placing the utmost vitality on what’s inside.”

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  1. I hate eating at fancy restaurants. Why waste money (not to mention time) eating “classy” food that is supposed to be good because it took longer to make, but really can’t even compete with a crunch wrap supreme from taco bell or a catfish sandwich from Gins Chicken and Fish?

    I like my food “good to go” as the taco bell ads say.

    I like apple computers though. I don’t see the relationship between fancy restaurants and apple.

  2. wow, you guy should lay off FUseeK. You accuse him of being a racist and intolerant, yet you attack him right off the bat. Not so tolerant, now is it?
    Europe is the old world, the Americas are the new world. What regions/areas/countries make up the 3rd world?
    Arguing on a web-based message board is like winning in the special olympics… you’re a winner, but you’re still in the special olympics.

  3. I fail to see how the processor alone makes Macs more desirable. I will always choose Apple over MS. I dont care about the brand of processor, all I want is performance, power management, reliability. The one thing that bothers me about my PPC ALPB is the heat on my lap, other than that its still a great machine.

  4. CWO in Hawaii,

    I am certainly not accusing FUseeK of racism, because the comment wasn’t in and of itself racist. I am however, accusing him of giving offense through ignorance, because the comment was both ignorant and offensive.

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