Apple Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard likely to feature Windows support, drivers for Intel Macs

“In a stunning move, BAPCo, the industry-standard Windows benchmarking consortium, announced that Apple Computer has joined up as a member. BAPCo is responsible for the SYSmark 2004SE and MobileMark benchmark suites we use at PC Magazine Labs for testing PCs. BAPCo also produces the webserver test WEBmark,” Joel Santo Domingo reports for Gearlog.

“This is significant because it means that Apple has now committed to Windows-based performance testing, and it will influence industry-standard testing methodologies going forward, possibly including Mac OS X testing. We speculate that Apple will now develop Windows drivers for Intel Macs like the iMac, Mac mini and MacBook Pro with Intel Core Duo processors. You will probably still need to buy your own copy of Windows XP (or Vista), but this is exciting stuff,” Santo Domingo reports. “We’ve seen rumors that Apple will include virtualization technology in Mac Os X 10.5 (Leopard), but benchmarks like SYSmark and MobileMark don’t work well in virtualized environments since they use ultilities that call low level processes (like anti-virus). This bodes well for native Windows support on Macs in the future.”

Full article here.

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  1. You think this will be like Classic?
    Included in OS X for the few who need to suffer it until eventually, when everyone’s jumped on board the world’s most advanced OS, it’ll be phased out…
    The future looks bright

  2. In a sea of generic PC boxes, that good looking Apple machine runs everything and comes with Mac OS-X plus a pile of great software.

    No other manufacturer has that feature set and it would be worth paying more for.

  3. You know i love apple and everything. I’ve had one for as long as i have used computers. This looks a little fishy to me. I hope all the (stupid, crazy) rumors of Apple giving up on Mac OS. I would hate to have to use Windows. I hope that it means they are coming up with a way to run Windows applications natively WITHOUT Windows. That would be great.

  4. If this comes to pass, why will developers feel any need to develop on OSX? Adobe, or others, will say, “You can run the Windows version on a Mac now, why should we bother (to make an OSX version)?”

    If the performance is that good, no one will develop for the Mac anymore.

    This could shoot Apple in the foot. Right?

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