Cramer: ‘I have never seen a systematic, multiweek bear raid like I have on Apple Computer’

“Apple Computer remains the cross-hairs of shorts who ‘will not let this stock live,’ Jim Cramer said on CNBC’s ‘Stop Trading!’ segment Monday,” reports.

“‘This is completely in their court,’ Jim Cramer said, noting that the transition of Apple computers to Intel chips is giving bears something to play with. ‘I have never seen a systematic, multiweek bear raid like I have on Apple Computer,'” reports.

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Apple Computer shares today closed at $59.51, down $0.45 or 0.75%, on volume of 39,510,490.

MacDailyNews Note: A “bear raid” is when large amounts of shares are sold in order to depress their price. Usually, the purpose of this is to drive down the share price to a bargain level where they can then be repurchased.

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  1. I’d be all appreciative like, mister, if you’all’d give me a ‘heads up’ when you reckon that there stock’s gonna bottom out like a wagon in a mud rut and start to do its turnaround thing. I got me some pretty coin jus’ a burnin’ a hole in my satchel from the weekly poker rounds at the Eagle Eye saloon.

    Now ya’ll don’t go ‘n tell the missus er nuthin’, righty pardner?

  2. Hmmmm, funny that this is happening just before Apr 1st. ????? Maybe someone knows that really good things are coming and they want the price low so they can stock up before it soars on the 3rd. ?????

    Any guesses. : -)


  3. There’s a vacuum of real Apple information right now. Seems like everyone is waiting for the next financial report in mid April.

    Will Apple meet their guidance?
    What will be the guidance for the next quarter?
    Have iPod sales tanked?
    When will Apple have some Intel Pro machines for sale?
    When will Apple release pro apps for Intel?

    When the answers to these and many other questions are clear the stock will resume movement (hopefully in a positive direction) and MDN will go back to reporting Apple news instead of being Wintel Daily News.

  4. Just read in a German newspaper that most small investeros still do not follow reasonable reasons when buying and selling. The big companies manage to lower the prices, the average guy gets nervous and sells (“cheap price for you my friend”…) and they make loads of money when they sell it back a year later when the stock’s back on top…

  5. How many shares did His Steveness put into play? More, supply, less demand.

    ?????? Why is there a “Windows Live Local” ad on this site ??????? If the Big M$ wants to throw away money, I suppose that works for MDN, but really….

  6. I disagree, Nickbob. Unless AAPL decided to create more shares, the number of shares in the market remains constant. Whether Steve is selling his or someone else is selling theirs, it doesn’t matter. Now, Steve selling his shares would drop the price in a different way – not because he increased the supply of shares on the market, but because everyone would think that he knew something and that’s why he’s unloading.

  7. Jimbo,

    Unless steve wants to pull a Martha Stewart and spend a few months in jail, he isn’t going to sell his shares based on insider information.

    dumby. People were talking about steve selling his shares because he sold a bunch to pay taxes on a 10 million share gift from the company.

  8. If Apple Stock goes down any more, it’ll be a 50% OFF deal from $86.40 of january 12 2006.

    it should make some recovery this week and next week into a $63-$64 range.

    I think Apple will try to come up with some plans to take advantage of the fact that its their 30th birthday.

    and at the same time, the stock has been driven to lows that it would have hit IF Apple had already reported dissapointing earnings, which means even if you think Apple’s earnings will be bad news, there is no need to fear it, the worst news would keep stock at the price it is at now, and anything less than “the worst” can easily send the stock up 5%-10%.

  9. Also, the fact that APPL flirted with the $61+ level today proves that the stock has an upside potential. Reason why it fell is because #1 Daytraders, and #2 the stock had closed below $60 for the first time and weekend newspaper readers just got upset and sold their shares, which are long term investors.

  10. Probably some disgruntled Microserfs trying to exact revenge.
    If you can’t beat ’em, hammer the stock…

    Although large-scale short-selling is dangerous business. Kinda like hoping to buy out the lottery and win.

    Just for spite, Apple should announce a surprise stock buyback. Let ’em squirm in their shorts. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />


    Ok somebody had to say it.

    Actually the stock is overinflated, Steve basically warned us to expect the stock to tank.

    Just look, Dell sells more computers than anyone and Apple’s stock is higher? Something is wrong here obviously.

    The iPod craze is over, at least the intital demand for them was done last holiday season. Fad product.

    Also it means Steve has nothing more up his sleeve, also the fact that the economy is tightening in the US and people can’t go out and buy every new iPod/device Apple dreams up.

    The iTMS Movie Store is not coming, at least not with content that people want because movies cost a lot to produce and Hollywood needs the $15-$30 per movie, not $2.99-$4.99 iTMS users want to pay.

    Also the fact we would just pirate it after the per movie price got too much over $3 anyway.

    Apple’s stock is set to come back to earth, that’s why Our Royal Highness Jobs paid his taxes now, while the stock was high.

    Post real estate boom economic decline, it always happens. Read your economic history folks.

    We might even head for a depression/recession come summer in the US.

  12. Apple’s prospects are bright. Treat the bear raid as a buying opportunity. Only the suckers are dumping their shares.

    And stop the lying about Steve Jobs selling the bulk of his Apple shares. He incurred a huge tax bill when he exercised his options and had to sell a significant percentage of those options to pay the IRS or go to jail. He made the right choice.

  13. People need to read more.

    PC sales are expected to slow from 15% growth to 10% growth starting this year.

    Read article here

    Since Mac’s are about 4% of those decreasing PC sales…

    Apple stock is going to reflect that, unless Apple has found a brand new market which needs satisfying.

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