‘Thirty Apple Years – A Celebration… Through Their Advertisements’ happens April 1st in Melbourne

To celebrate the thirty-year history of Apple Computer, starting with the orginial Apple I through to the latest Intel-based Macs of today, along with other memoriable products like the LaserWriter, Newton and, of course, the iPod, Nicholas Pyers will be giving a presentation remembering this remarkable history using Apple’s own print and video advertisements.

Nicholas Pyers has been an active Apple User Group Supporter for over 15 years, both locally and internationally, starting with Apple //’s and now using Macintoshes. He writes articles, produced puzzles and provides presentations to any non-profit Macintosh User Group [MUG]. A couple of years ago, Nicholas was invited to present “Twenty Macintosh Years” to the New Zealand Digital Solutions Expo and New Zealand MovieFest 2004, as well as presenting it to AUSOM Incorporated and the Central Victorian Macintosh Users. Twenty Mac Years covered the twenty year history of the Apple Macintosh Computer, using the video advertising of Apple Computer, Inc. Thirty Apple Years expands upon this well received presentation and now covers the Apple I, the Apple //, the Apple ///, Lisa, Netwon and of course the iPod.

The presentation will take place on Saturday April 1, 2006, 1:00pm – 3:00pm (doors open at 12:30pm) at Main Auditorium, Building 4, Elgar Road Campus, Box Hill TAFE, Cnr Elgar and Whitehorse Roads, Box Hill, (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia). Entry is FREE and there is no need to RSVP, but seats are strictly limited, so be sure to arrive early. If you are in Melbourne on April 1st, try to attend Thirty Apple Years as it should be an enjoyable stroll down the Apple memory lane.

This presentation is hosted by AUSOM Incorporated, Australia’s Leading Apple Macintosh User Group, and other AUSOM sessions will also be occurring throughout the day commencing from 9:30am and going through until 5:00pm. You can get more on those sessions from: http://www.ausom.net.au/nextmeeting.html

More information about the Thirty Apple Years presentation, including a 90-second QuickTime Teaser, can be found at: http://www.nicholaspyers.com/thirtyappleyears/

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  1. Yes and I remember attending one and watching that ad where Apple extolled the virtues of OSX over Windows with footage of the OS in action, smoothly covering everyday tasks, looking great and trouncing the opposition…………………and then the wife woke me up.

  2. Things are expensive down in Australia.

    Many thanks to all those downunder Mac fans for spending the extra cash to use Apple products.

    My AAPL stock loves you guys and I love all the beautiful blond ladies you’ve got.

  3. Why are you bothering to “celebrate” such a lame company?

    Will all the disasters like the Lisa, the Apple /// that over heated, the newton that couldn’t understand handwriting, the ipod nano with it crappy screens.

    Move On! Go Get A Life!

  4. Considering all the “Apple Is Dead” headlines we’ve been forced to read over the years, I think we’re entitled to gloat for a day or two.

    Oh, and anyone remember Microsoft “Bob”, or whatever the h-e-double hockey sticks it was called?

  5. Having seen the “Twenty Macintosh Years” presented to the New Zealand Digital Solutions Expo and New Zealand MovieFest 2004 – would love to see this one. it’s a great overview of the ads, as well as details of stuff behind the scenes at the time.

    Any chance of a DVD/full clip of the presentation? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

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