HD DVD players release delayed until April

“Toshiba Corp. said Friday it has postponed the release of high-definition DVD players in the United States until April, a month later than planned, so that it can synchronize the sales with title releases from Hollywood studies,” Kozo Mizoguchi reports for The Associated Press. “A precise sales date was not available, said Toshiba spokeswoman Junko Furuta. But the Japanese electronics company was ‘currently working with major studios and major retailers to finalize sales dates of our players,’ she said. Toshiba had previously said it would release the new product in March. Furuta cited last week’s announcement by Time Warner’s Warner Home Video unit, which said it would not release the first titles using the HD DVD format until April 18.”

“The HD DVD format and the competing Blu-ray disc format, backed by Sony Corp., deliver dazzling images in high-definition video and can store much more data than today’s DVDs, allowing for more interactive features, like enjoying a movie while simultaneously watching the director discuss the scene,” Mizoguchi reports. “Sony has said it will start selling Blu-ray disc DVD players in the United States this summer… The HD DVD format, jointly developed with Japan’s NEC Corp., is incompatible with Blu-ray, which is also backed by Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd., which makes Panasonic brand products, Apple Computer Inc., Hewlett-Packard Co. and Dell Inc., along with a variety of other tech companies and studios. Sony has already started selling video recorders that use the Blu-ray technology and is planning to release the PlayStation 3 game consoles, which also use the technology, by November. Sony has not disclosed a price for the Blu-ray disc players.”

Full article here.

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  1. ok… so I can get it out before Macdood does….

    “trusted computing is evil, the sky is falling, my computer’s faster than yours, apple is going in the tank, vista is the wave of the future, blah blah blah.”

    did I miss anything?

    Oh… and first macdude post! lol

  2. No, Vista got pushed back because in the last 5 years Microsoft, instead of paying a fair shareholder dividend, used it’s cash horde to double the size of it’s workforce, thus making a larger, more unwieldily company that doesn’t communicate well together.

    Microsoft’s issue is one of a colossal failure of management.

    The HD-DVD delay is a matter of that brief period last year when interoperability with Blu-Ray was a real hope, and people put off making those final investments until the break was final.

  3. I’ve got a Sony Pro Betamax deck (orig $5000) and a Pro Pioneer laser disc player (around $1200). Both are collecting serious dust in my warehouse of old technology.

    I’m not in any hurry to buy either of the new high-capacity optical systems. I’ve had great luck with Firewire hard disks for all my backup needs.

    About one in 12 DVD optical disks fails verification. Backing up to optical without verifyiing is like parachuting without a spare chute.

    Until the new optical drives and media are cheap and well supported I don’t need either format. There will need to be a clear winning format before I bite.

    Personally I don’t think any HD format will ever achieve much market penetration. 95% of consumers just don’t care about quality, otherwise MP3 would not be the most popular format.

  4. Oh woe is me! I won’t be able to buy an overpriced player to play overpriced media that only looks good on new overpriced TV sets! Whatever shall I do?

    Ignore the whole mess and keep watching regular DVDs, that’s what. Just like most other consumers will.

  5. “allowing for more interactive features, like enjoying a movie while simultaneously watching the director discuss the scene”

    Um… I’m pretty sure my current DVD player can do that, it’s called director commentary…

  6. I thought having 2 competiting formats would be a big deal but now I don’t really care.

    Whatever technology becomes cheap enough to put into a computer or use as a HDTV recorder without breaking the bank I’ll go for.

    Sooner or later it will cost 100-200 bucks for a device and that’s when I’ll jump in.

    In the meantime I’ll still use my DVD-RW and DVD-recorder.

    Spending a grand on new technology is not worth it IMHO.

  7. Hopefully it won’t be lie the VHS/Betamax fling from yesteryear.

    Lets hope the better technology wins, and that the fact that sticking an HD on the prefix of DVD is going to sell much of anything (but then agian, people buy PCs).

  8. How Hi-Def odes his crap need to be anyways? Next step the ‘Porn Star’ comes out of the the TV and has ‘virtual sex’ with your you white hairy pimpled crackered ass. Gimme a break – 640 by 480 rocks!!! Low Fi Revolution!!!!!!!!!

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