Hackers boot a Dell PC with Apple’s Mac OS X

“Unidentified programmers have hacked the Intel version of Mac OS X to enable it to boot a Dell PC. A file called the ‘JaS4.2b patch’ can be used to create a customized installer DVD for installing on a Dell PC,” MacWindows reports. “A website called MacaDell describes the patch. The MacaDell site has also has a page that describes how to use the JaS4.2b patch to create a customized installer disc for Mac OS X. Using the hack is illegal because it breaks Apple’s Mac OS X license agreement, which specifies that the operating system be run on an ‘Apple-labeled computer.’”

“According to MacaDell, work on the hack began when a Russian hacker known as Maxxuss cracked the encrypted security layer in Mac OS X that usually requires the software to be installed on a certain Mac model. Other hackers added to the work, and a programmer known as JaS put the work together in the JaS4.2b patch,” MacWindows reports. “The hack emulates the EFI boot firmware found in Intel-based Macs. It also emulates an instruction set called SSE3 in order to support processors older than the Dual Core used in the Intel Macs. MacaDell reports that the hack doesn’t work on every computer, and doesn’t support some functions, such as wireless networking and certain audio and video cards. At this point, the Intel version of Mac OS X is only available with the purchase of an Intel-based Mac.”

More info and links in the full article here.

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  1. According to the article, OSX boots, but is pretty much hobbled. Anyone using it will soon get fed up and start looking at buying a Mac mini.

    BTW, at work today, the button on the four week old Dell mouse I was using broke. Can that company make anything that isn’t totally shit?

    1. just… give me loads of money for an overblown IBM then.

      i only want to transfer some files from an old 5260 on an IDE drive to an IMB clone so i can dump them to USB. why on earth would i buy a whole computer just for that?

      you hipsters have too much money and too few brains

  2. great now i can go out and buy a naff looking and shodily built computer to run a great operating system at a slower speed and no external functions! my prayers are answered, (sarcasm by the way) still might give the pc weenies a taste of the hapiness and encourage the jump.

  3. Us poorer folk would kill for this. I have two old iMacs, both of them barely good for anything anymore beyond babbling in the comments on MDN. Even iTunes runs crappy on them. Can’t even use them as monitors for a Mac mini.

    Would I like to be able install OS X on a dirt cheap Dell box? F*ckin’ right, I would!

  4. “Hackers boot a Dell PC with Apple’s Mac OS X”

    Might as well. With Vista dead again, the PC world needs something new to play with.

    “OSX boots, but is pretty much hobbled.”

    Good. Let it work just enough to give PCers a taste of what they could be using.

    Nothing like a good teaser…

    1. lol

      “Hackers boot a Dell PC with Apple’s Mac OS X”

      >Might as well. With Vista dead again, the PC >world needs something new to play with.
      so up with the game he doesn’t realise there’s windows 7 and 8 now. tssk tssk.

      “OSX boots, but is pretty much hobbled.”
      (much like the original)

      >Good. Let it work just enough to give PCers a >taste of what they could be using.
      and about the same user experience .. lol

      >Nothing like a good teaser…
      do you mean that or are you just teasing me?

      oh god how i laugh at you hipsters.
      you’ll take anything apple dishes out and kiss their butt and say thank you.

      me: “PS for a G4 tower plox”
      them: “nope. apple won’t let us sell parts only”
      …. breaking news … in australia apple have been found guilty of misleading (straight out LYING) about iPad 3 being 4G compatible when it isn’t .. .hahahahaah OOPS!
      them: “apple say you have to bring the tower in and have the power supply replaced by an apple tech”
      me: “when hell freezes over .. laterz”

      they don’t even trust you to fix YOUR OWN HARDWARE YOU PAID FOR (well in my case was given one, they don’t get a cent from me)

      case crackers, torx screws, childish little games to stop you fixing your own machine and depriving their service department of YOUR money. some things never change.

      if it were not for IBM apple would have been broke years ago.

      they bought their ideas for 50 grand from xerox who could only move 20,000 units of the ALTO.

      IBM clones got a puter on everyone’s desktop.
      you owe the fact you have a PC at all (They’re all pc’s people. that just means ‘personal computer’).

      you use intel chips, sony drives, intel compatible RAM (well probably, you have done for a couple of decades), probably SATA drives (you were using IDE wich came from IBM clones), USB which came from IBM and OSX with a BSD kernel which came from IBMs in competition with linux. cat 2 and cat 5 networking came from IBMs.

      what’s left? a mouse, a monitor and not a lot else.

      just remember the reason you have a choice… .IBM!

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