Adobe CEO: Intel-based Mac version of Creative Suite 3 to debut in second quarter 2007

Bruce Chizen, Adobe Systems CEO, recently chatted with “Acrobat is coming in the fourth quarter of 2006. [Design software package] Creative Suite 3 will be introduced in the second quarter of 2007. Acrobat will take advantage of the Macromedia assets. And you’ll see a lot of activity in the CS3 launch. There will be a lot of integration between [Macromedia] products and [Adobe] products as part of those offerings. By the time we launch CS3, the value of the two companies will be clear,” Chizen said.

Full article here.

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  1. And how many of OS X’s technologies will it support? Core, Quartz? Doubt it. Its written for the lowest common denominator, i.e. Windows. Come on Apple, bring your own out.

  2. Intergate macromedia with adobe products?

    Here’s an idea. Kill that piece of crap GoLive and just go with Dreamweaver.
    Here’s another idea, take some of the simplicty of Freehand and put it into Illustrator.

  3. Mr. Reeee: “This is EXACTLY why I bought the last PPC PowerBook, because it was gonna take some time for the whole Intel hardware/software transition to shake itself out.”


  4. Drunk Cheney, sorrie to say but you have to put down the booze! “Speed of Dreamweaver”?? what version are you using? I loathe Go Live and swear by dreamweaver but it is anything but fast, maybe adobe team should work on just making all these apps faster rather than taking minutes to use the damn applications!!

    Work Faster!! less “new” features

  5. We still use Macromedia Director MX daily here for our interactive multimedia titles – Flash really is no competitor in either ease of implementation or features. (We do use Flash assets within Director, however.)

    We have no hope of ever seeing a universal build of Director – let alone a feature upgrade, which is quite sad.

  6. I’m with Drunk Cheney, I want to see Dreamweaver with a more GoLive like interface.

    Strike that – come up with a new interface that is better than either of them. GoLive is less painful than DW but it still hurts.

    I also agree with having Illustrator adopt some of Freehand’s features, or at least, better implementation of overlapping features.

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