Microsoft CEO Ballmer promises ‘amazing wave of innovation’ in 2006

“As Intel plots its rebound, longtime partner Microsoft also hopes to get its groove back by unleashing what Chief Executive Steve Ballmer calls ‘an amazing wave of innovation,’ rolling out at least a dozen new products this year, including updates to Windows and Office, plus programs that run on smart phones and the Web. But the new apps boast so many tiny buttons and mind-boggling connections among myriad programs that eyes were glazing over at a New York event where Microsoft gave a sneak peek to 500 tech buyers. Forbes caught up with Ballmer right after the event,” Daniel Lyons writes for Forbes.

Forbes: Apple Computer now sells Intel-based computers with simple user interfaces. You’re going the opposite way with these complex programs. Do you think a regular person will be able to operate them?
Ballmer: The answer is yes. Can everybody do everything? No. But if you have one or two users who can do everything their work enhances the productivity of everybody.

Forbes: You took some shots at IBM. Why the smack talk?
Ballmer: Smack talk? I don’t encourage smack talk anymore.

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MacDailyNews Take: A fish rots from the bald head down.

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  1. “Can everybody do everything? No. But if you have one or two users who can do everything their work enhances the productivity of everybody.”

    I can’t believe that this is his philosophy So really Microsoft only needs one or two people to do everything? I always thought that everyone should be able to be productive and that is why a Mac is better people actually get work done. – Of course it is too bad that these 1 or 2 people he speaks of aren’t in the IT dept.

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