UBS analyst: No special Apple Computer 30th anniversary event

“Shares of Apple Computer Inc. slipped 4 percent Tuesday, after an analyst said the company will likely not be holding a special 30th anniversary event as some industry observers expected,” The Associated Press reports. “UBS analyst Benjamin A. Reitzes, said in a client note Tuesday that according to unnamed industry sources the company will not be holding a special event around April 1 to mark its anniversary — though he added he still expects the company to announce new products to be announced in the near term.”

“‘We continue to believe that Apple will introduce new Intel-based iBooks (important for education) and a larger MacBook Pro in the June quarter,’ the analyst wrote,” AP reports.

Full article here.

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  1. The Intel Core Duo’s are too hot for their low end Mac laptops.

    Apple has been seriously investigating some sort of liquid cooling technology.

    I think Intel really just only bought some time with their performance for watt approach.

    These CoreDuals are twice as prone to failure and for their low end school type laptops that’s a serious problem.

    God, Steve must be pulling his hair out.

  2. How can Apple introduce anything when they can’t get the CoreDual processors?

    Has anyone seriously read through all the MacFixit and Apple discussion posts/articles concerning these problematic MacBook Pros?

    It’s all mostly processor responsible, these Intel CoreDuals have the highest rate of glitches than even the Pentium 4’s!

    Don’t beleive me?

    Search Slashdot etc.

  3. MacDude, I think I have an old gun laying around somewhere here in the house…want me to overnight it to you so you can shoot yourself.

    Or are you still not misreable enough picking on your pimple ridden face and jerking off watching porn on your Dell garbage system.

    MDN mother: Nature IS indeed the mother to MacDude…clearly one of the few mistakes.

  4. It’s the news from France that’s pushing the shares down.
    CNN, BBC, etc. are playing up the problems that the new law could create for Apple. They see the new French law as a possible ‘trend’ and the USA as one of the next countries that might well bring out similar legislation.

    I think Apple will license iTunes soon and possibly OSX a little later.

  5. Breaking News!

    Microsoft to bring Vista graphic features to Mac OS X, cell phones etc. (not Linux apparantly)

    The invasion has begun. (along with 50% already running XP on their Macs so far)

    [url=” graphics tools to reach Mac, phones/2100-1016_3-6052021.html?”}story here[/url] (no tricks, long url)

  6. “Or are you still not misreable enough picking on your pimple ridden face and jerking off watching porn on your Dell garbage system. “

    Wow, i think I just made a connection. I think MacDude’s real name is Randy and he lives in Delaware…


  7. That was really funny, but at least the guy was honest, just like me.

    I prefer my porn on a nice 30″ Apple display with a PowerMac and a 6800GT to drive all the simutanous live windows. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    Those girls will do anything for free, my girlfriend is just a bed warmer in comparison.

    And she farts a lot too.

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