Enderle on MS Vista slip: ‘I personally can not recall Apple ever getting an opportunity like this’

Today Microsoft announced that it plans to delay the consumer launch of its Windows Vista operating system to January 2007 from its earlier target of the second half of 2006.

“Few things could have done more damage to the 2006 PC market then the slip of Windows Vista. This will have an adverse impact on a broad cross section of components and platform PC suppliers who depend on the 4th quarter to make their numbers. The big issue is consumers typically do not wait to buy, and will chose to buy something else and now wait until later in 2007 to purchase their computers,” Rob Enderle writes for Technology Pundits.

“Now all eyes turn to Apple with what now is an unprecedented opportunity to take major market share in the critical 4th quarter,” Enderle writes. “If their expected Media Center competitive product can make it to market as expected, they could gain significant share in a market looking to buy new product but now only seeing it from Apple. I personally can not recall Apple ever getting an opportunity like this.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Will Apple now finally lift the veil of secrecy and advertise Mac OS X to the general public?

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  1. Will Apple now finally lift the veil of secrecy and advertise Mac OS X to the general public?

    Duh, not even Dell could get enough CoreDual Intel processors to meet that sort of demand.

    Pays to read all the news sometimes MDN.

    When Intel fully cranks up sure, right now there is many problems with the new processors being ironed out.

    You don’t create more demand that you can meet.

    Apple and IBM had serious problems meeting the G5 demand when it came out.

    Remember Quanta makes most of the computer laptops in the world, including Mac’s.

    Pays to know your platform too.

  2. Oh I forgot to add that Apple did advertise the PowerMac G5 on TV, it created such a flood of demand that took several months and burned out IBM’s fabs lines cranking out the processors.

    IBM must have got tired of Steves whining he doesn’t have enough processors, now we know the truth why IBM decided to not make a cool G5 laptop processor.

  3. Nope. They are advertising morons. That is the only reason I can think of as to why they have never showcased the mini or osx.

    Also, what was that weak arse attempt with the intel/mac add. What a waste of money.

    What, apple makes computers?

  4. MacDud,

    You do realize that if Apple started advertising now, it would plant the seeds in the minds of future buyers and that Intel processors will likely be in much more plentiful supply when the fourth quarter holiday shopping season commences, right? You know, holiday buying season, when all that the Windows world will still have to offer are the same dull little Window XP boxes.

    Apple needs to start showing the world Mac OS X now!

  5. I think Apple will start parading OS X and iLife once all the product line has turned to Intel.

    By then, supply issues will be mostly over and Apple will be ramping up sales for back to school and then Xmas.

  6. “If their expected Media Center competitive product can make it to market as expected…”

    Writin’ just don’t git no better’n that!

    Sometimes I think Enderle writes his articles in another language and then translates them to English with Babelfish.

  7. if apple has the number one brand in the world, then how bad at advertising can they be.

    maybe they are doing something Different… advertising on a different level.

    you have to look at this from the side of the slowly growing marketing virus that it truly is.

    you’ll see. it’s brilliant and it’s beginning to take shape as we speak.

  8. Well, keep in mind that Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard isn’t expected to ship until around the beginning of 2007, either. So it will be interesting. Expect lots of “Apple’s latest versus Microsoft’s latest” reviews.

    Of course, after WWDC in August, Microsoft might delay Vista again in order to do some last minute photocopying–I mean “security updates.” ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”LOL” style=”border:0;” />

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