Vista delay causes Windows-dependents slump in pre-market trading; Apple rises

“U.S. stock-index futures declined after Microsoft Corp. said the next version of its Windows software program will be delayed. Companies whose products use Windows slumped on concern a January release will wipe out demand during the holiday shopping season. Intel Corp., the world’s biggest semiconductor maker, and Dell Inc., the largest personal-computer maker, declined,” Nick Baker reports for Bloomberg. “‘It’s clearly negative for Microsoft and the PC market as a whole,’ said Douglas Wright, who helps manage $1 billion in U.S. stocks at Britannic Asset Management in Glasgow, Scotland. ‘It will hurt sales and adds uncertainty to the market.'”

Baker reports, “Microsoft fell 69 cents to $27.05 [in pre-market trading]. Intel fell 17 cents to $19.61. Dell slipped 41 cents to $29.86. Prudential Equity Group cut its rating on personal- computer makers to ‘neutral’ from ‘favorable.’ Apple Computer Inc., which makes computers that run on a different operating system, rallied $1.19 to $63.”

Full article here.

Abby Deveney reports for MarketWatch, “Shares of Apple Computer got a pre-open lift. It’s expected to benefit from Microsoft’s delayed release of its new Vista operating system. Merrill Lynch analyst Richard Farmer believes Apple will benefit from ‘a less competitive market for another holiday season against an aging Windows offering.'”

Full article here.

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  1. Excellent. So if Vista keeps getting delayed, Apple stock will rise so much that Apple can buy all the other computer manufacturers and shut them down. Then when Vista does get released, the only hardware it will run on will be made by Apple, pushing their stock up even higher until they can just buy Microsoft and burn down the Redmond campus in a big Pagan-type victory ceremony.

    Sounds like a plan to me. Keep it up Microsoft.

  2. I really amazes me how a shoody, slapped together, stolen, and unsecure OS could EVER have this much of an impact. However, as long as I can profit from my Apple stock, let the lemmings, the blind, the ignorant, and the uniformed do what they will,

    Wonder how Balmer’s sweat glands are right now..hehe. Come to think of it, he is bloated, uniformed, blind, and ignorant….hhhmmm…

  3. The truth is this, Trusted Computing has been successfully hacked. Apple tried to use it to lock Mac OS X to their hardware and it failed.

    Trusted Computing and HDCP was going to be the basis for securing content like Hollywood movies, programs and music to hardware.

    So everybody is trying to see what went wrong and try again, including Microsoft which is the cause for the delay for Vista.

    Why is it a big deal? Because computer makers are in a slump and see selling content like movies and music as a method to increase their hardware sales to the consumer market.

    Actually Microsoft rather take a dump on the personal computing market in favor of their X-Box, they have more control that way with less headaches.

  4. I updated the Vista Perspective to be in accordance with yesterday’s announcement from Microsoft.

    It is also pretty interesting that a pushback of Apple’s WW Developer conference produces a pushback of launchdate of the Vista consumer edition. They don’t seen very self-confident in Redmond these days.

  5. MDN is a troll site!!

    Just look at those two unsavory pictures of the two most successful and admired people in the world.

    And people complain I’m a troll, this whole site is a troll.

    I’m a troll, your a troll, we are trolls.

    We are the worst of the Mac community, we are army of verble desk warriors without a ounce of balls to do anything if we met a advasary face to face.

    We are scum. We are mac users.

  6. From the VISTA web site:


    “Often malware is hidden in programs that appeal to children. To help protect your computer, you can create standard user accounts for your children. When your child tries to install a piece of software, the system will ask for an administrator account’s password. Your children cannot install new programs by themselves.”

    WOW! This Vista sounds so hi-tec! Wonder what else they have invented. I wonder if they’ve improved the clumsy Start Menu… they have! Now it looks even more cluttered and there is a blatent Spotlight rip-off sitting at the bottom.

    Have m$ got no shame?

  7. Tempus, Vista will not runs on Intel Macs anyway, at least not without a hack job. EFI has been crossed off the list of Vista features. Looks like PeeCee’s will be stuck with a BIOS for some time.

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