DivX Player beta 2 for Mac OS X now available

“If the first time was good, the second time should be better! Right? Well when it comes to the Beta 2 release of the DivX Player for Macintosh, that’s exactly what you get! An even better player than we playered before! Um, er, well, you get the point! With a slew of bug fixes, additions and refinements this new release is marching headlong towards being what we believe will be coolest movie player for the Mac! Ever! No kidding,” DivX Labs writes!

More info and download link (Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later required) here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “LinuxGuy” for the heads up.]

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  1. Legit question, not being a jerk:

    Why would someone select the DivX format OVER Quicktime? I use Handbreak to encode my DVD library to iPod format. Should I be encoding the DivX instead? If not, then I don’t see what the excitement is.

  2. Hey MDN: your new McDonald’s Flash ad breaks your comment submission scheme on FireFox for Windows XP. I would rather use a Mac at work, but since I have to use a PC, I’d atleast like to use FireFox!!!

    The actual issue is that the Flash overlay that makes the hamburger image must be overlaying the submit button because right clicking the submit button gives Flash Player settings. Also, Firefox only displays the blue background, not the hamburger itself.

  3. Why would I want to use the DivX player to play DivX files versus using Quicktime or Mplayer to play DivX files? What advantages does the DivX player have over the others? As long as you have the DivX codecs installed, you should be able to use Quicktime/Mplayer/VLC or whatever player you want.

  4. Better than VLC?

    I dunno. I Freaking love VLC. Best french thing ever. except brie. Brie is pretty good.

    But, it’s not without errors. I have an issue with it. Whenever I exit full screen mode, the app crashes. It happened on my iMac G4 and on my powerbook, so I’m thinking maybe it happens to other people too. Anyone else experience this?

    Back to the point, what is so great about DIVX. If I don’t have any divx videos why should I start using it? What does it do for me that quicktime and vlc can’t. (other than not crash when I take avi’s out of full screen.) Or does it do everything well enough so I don’t need to use two apps anymore?


    The short answer is that if you don’t know what it is, you might want to just move on, there’s nothing to see here.

    DivX is a codec. When installed, it becomes a part of QuickTime. It is a very efficient codec, producing excellent results…Though (debatably) not as good as say XviD and H.264.

    So why do people use DivX?

    For the same reason people use MP3s. DivX is not only cross-platform compatible, but there are DVD players that are DivX certified as well. As a result, you’ll find a lot of DivX content on P2P networks. Then again, unlike MP3s, there’s no real de facto standard for video codecs on P2P networks, so you’ll also see a bunch of other codecs. Likewise there are DVD players that are also now able to play other codecs like XviD.

    If you’re downloading a bunch of video content, this may be worth getting. It’s both a player and a codec. You can install it and use the player for playing DivX movies, or you can continue to use whatever player you wish (like the QuickTime Player).

    Personally, I’m not a big fan of creating content in DivX. It’s not open source like XviD. Also, there are too many ways to mess with it in such a way that it won’t play universally across platforms…for example the method in which you encode the audio can render the files unplayable or muted on DVD players. It’s messy.

    But not being a fan of DivX doesn’t mean this software isn’t very valuable. I can choose to encode in whatever format I want, but if content is available only in DivX, I have no choice to use it (technically I could use a compatible decoder, but you get the point).

    Due to the video iPod, more people are starting to go with H.264. You can see a lot of files being given the extension .iPod to signal this.

  6. I dunno. We already have VLC and mPlayerOSX, why do we need this? Of the “innovations” it offers, most revolve around improving the experience of watching video in a window. If I intend to give my full attention to a video, I play it fullscreen. The ability to access the menubar on the fullscreen, like Apple’s DVD Player, is nice, but if that’s it…

    And does this play all the codecs handled by VLC and mPlayer? Or does it just handle the “official” DivX codec? What about XviD and 3ivX?

    I’ve got two players already, I have trouble seeing why I’d need a third.

  7. LordRobin,

    Get this for the codec. There are some significant improvements. The software download is also Yet Another Video Player, but it plays more than just DivX. It’s worth checking out against say VLC or mPlayer, but again, the real meat here is with the codec.

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