Microsoft’s loss of confidence in .Net could result in more virus-prone Windows Vista

“Bill Gates launched .Net, a new way of programming Windows applications, to much fanfare in 2000. And when Microsoft started developing Windows Vista, a new operating system due out this year, company officials promised it would make heavy use of .Net. But British programmer Richard Grimes says Microsoft is pulling back on use of .Net in Vista. Grimes studied a prerelease version of Vista and found that it didn’t use .Net much. Grimes’ conclusion: Microsoft has lost confidence in .Net and no longer plans to use it to write its own software. One downside to the change in plans: The older programming tools that Microsoft programmers used to write Vista could result in an operating system that’s more virus-prone than a version of Windows written with .Net, which has built-in security features,” Owen Thomas reports for Business 2.0.

Full article here.

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  1. I am still confused on how this is going to be a better operating system than Windows XP? What will this OS do that XP wouldn’t? Other than maybe work. Billy should just bite the bullet and copy Unix.

  2. “Sputnik will be very sad.”

    Not really. The crapware known as Windows, and its subsequent shortcomings, are what keep guys in this supposed ‘real IT world’ employed. The people making the hiring are too dim witted to realize they are being fleeced by a nation of community college droputs who learned just a little more than that average joe about computers and can throw enough technospeak at people to keep the truth from coming out.

    No sputnik likes this development. Means he can stay employed and put more neon under his car.

  3. You ever get the feeling that these MS guys are just f-ing LOST!

    MSFT engineers are the equal of any. The problem is MSFT leadership. There isn’t any.

    MSFT engineers are constantly being redirected to follow a “new” path, which leaves a lot of work unfinished and in a state of confusion.

  4. When will people around here learn that Sputnik is using irony as humour?

    I’ll buy that the moment someone comes forward and says “Yes, I posted as Sputnik, and yes, I was joking.” Until then, I personally believe he’s a troll. (Or at least the original one was. Who knows how many there have been?) Show me the difference between Sputnik’s posts and those of any other Windows troll. His tone of voice? Okay, so he’s a pompous ass, what does that prove?

    Look, the pattern is clear: something is reported that can be spun negatively against Apple. “Sputnik” posts, rubs our nose in it and starts a flamewar. Where I come from, that’s called “trolling”, not “ironic humor”.

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