Analyst: iPod Hi-Fi speaker system sees strong sales, demand for iPods ‘ahead of expectations’

“Apple Computer’s new iPod Hi-Fi audio system as well as its lower-end iPod digital music players are selling well enough for one analyst to increase his estimates for the company’s current fiscal quarter, which ends in March. ‘Recently, there has been renewed speculation regarding iPod production and demand,’ Shaw Wu, an analyst for American Technology Research wrote in a research note to clients on Friday. ‘We wanted to offer insight from our proprietary checks with industry and channel sources, but also some perspective on high consensus estimates that remain well above Apple’s guidance,'” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

“The analyst says demand for iPods is coming in ahead of his firm’s previous expectations, with iPod shuffles and 1GB nanos generating incremental demand, particularly in non-Apple channels. Additionally, Wu said checks indicate that the new iPod Hi-Fi audio system is seeing strong initial sales and fifth-generation video iPods also continue to sell well above seasonal trends, down only modestly from the December holiday quarter,” Marsal reports.

More in the full article here.

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  1. I got a chance to audition the new iPod HiFi at the local Apple store.

    While I’m not a fan of the white colored body the sound quality was quite good for a compact integrated powered system.

    As a tech person I’m also not stoked about the single cheesy aux input connector.

    With all that said I think the good sound quality and simple integration with an iPod along with the Apple brand is going to make this product a smash hit.

    I want one! It’s easy to use, compact and sounds great. Not as good as my Meyer HD-1 studio monitors but the HiFi is only $350, not $5000.

    Rock on!

  2. The $30 price cuts on iPod shuffles, plus the intro of the $149 1GB nano last month has obviously caused quite a surge in sales. As usual, Apple underpromises and overproduces when it comes to their sales predictions. The same will hold true when this quarter’s numbers are revealed in April…they’ll end up beating the street yet again.

  3. “i sure hope so, my stocks are going DOWN….

    come on ppl BUY BUY BUY”

    Finally dumped mine today. Arrgh. I guess I should have sold at $85
    Now it is at $64.

    Remembering back in the day, when SJ came back, the iMac was released, the stock flew to $120, it split, then crashed to 12!! Fortunately I didn’t own any then. But I did buy at 16, 17, and 13. And that was only 5 years ago.

  4. Let me get this straight:

    “At this point, our main concern with Apple is note its fundamentals but rather the disconnect between Apple stock ratings and consensus estimates; this has helped create artificially high estimates, leaving little room for upside surprises, if not hope for a downside surprise … Despite all the negative commentary on Apple (literally over the past two and a half years) and Apple’s attempts to reset expectations, consensus estimates remain well above Apple’s guidance.”

    So … the analyst says that the reason Apple stock has done poorly of late is that analysts think that Apple is doing really, really well (better even than Apple projects). And this is driving the stock down, because when it turns out that the analysts were over-excited to begin with, the stock falls.

    In other words, we should worry about Apple’s stock because we believe Apple is doing really, really well.

    Where can I sign up to become an analyst? I promise to forget all the logic I learned at university ….

  5. Some dolt on Slashdot wrote:

    ” I personally don’t like the iPod — the interface is nice, but it isn’t easy enough or fast enough.”

    Some folks, it seems, are just born miserable.
    This is one of the stupidest things I’ve read in a while.

  6. who was it that said;
    “Never underestimate the stupidity of the masses?”


    Apple to redefine the lowly towel –
    iDry will be sold at all Apple shops and authorized retail outlets only – A person who requested her name be withheld said that we are in for a huge surprise when the iDry debuts this Summer at beaches all over the world. it is expect to be launched on July 4 ,and will retail for US$199. mrp

  7. SJR writes: “As usual, Apple underpromises and overproduces when it comes to their sales predictions. The same will hold true when this quarter’s numbers are revealed in April…they’ll end up beating the street yet again.”

    The problems is, but not mentioned in this excerpt, that Wu only just raised his numbers from Apple’s guidance numbers and is still well below the other analysts consensus numbers.

    In other words, Wallstreet is building high expectations and for the stock to do well in April, as a result of its earnings announcement, it must exceed the perhaps unrealistic consensus numbers (something which Wu doesn’t seem to expect).

    So even if Apple beats its own numbers, that may not be good enough for a up-tick on AAPL.

    However the wild card is April 1st and the goodies Apple may announce then. A touch screen video iPod might just do the trick.

  8. The Stock is a big bargain right now. Terrible time to sell. Apple’s marketshare is rising and will continue to rise over the next few years. iPods will continue to sell very strong over the next two years. Apple is well on their way to the living room, and when that fully realizes it’s gonna be B-I-G big. The Hi-Fi is making money where no no money was made before for Apple, and I expect more supplemental income from the iPod market. Not to mention what the hell else Apple will come up with over the next few years. Apple’s mindshare is at an all time high. People are “getting it”. If you want something that does it’s job extremely well, with thoughtful touches, buy an Apple. If you want something with a million buttons and features you don’t use, buy something else.

    The only thing that could possibly get in the way of Apple would be either some kind of massive economic failure or WWIII. Bush will be out in 2008, so if we can just make it till then everything should be fine. =]

  9. “How Apple’s stock is falling.
    Oh, why? Why?? Why???”

    Institutional triggered trades. Margin calls. High P/E.
    Unless Jobs announces something HUGE in the next few weeks. (Haven’t seen any announcements) It will continue to drop into the 50s.

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