Apple’s proposal to raze site worries Boston’s Back Bay panel

“Preliminary design proposals for Apple Computer’s first Boston store got a cool reception last night from the Back Bay Architectural Commission, but several commissioners said a revised design might address their concerns,” Chris Reidy reports for The Boston Globe. “Apple hopes to demolish a small building at 815 Boylston St., which is occupied by a Copy Cop store at street level, and build a flagship store across from the Prudential Center. Projects involving the demolition of an existing building in the Back Bay Architectural District generally require the commission’s approval. Apple has not formally presented any designs yet to the city.”

“The site where Apple wants to build is between 855 Boylston and 801 Boylston, where two previous demolitions have taken place,” Reidy reports. “Apple’s team noted that the building occupied by Copy Cop was built in 1906 and renovated many times. According to Apple, the building has little architectural significance.”

Full article here.

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  1. RAZE IT ALL!!

    Apple is the evil real estate investment company and we are all part of Church of RAZED Buildings led by the most high REVEREND STEVE “DEMO” JOBS and Co.

    I’ll think I’ll send his kids a small bulldozer for the Holidays.

  2. I live in a Historic District in Texas and I for one do not support the idea that ALL old buildings are historically siginificant. Many of the homes in my neighborhood are old, but beause they have been renovated and added onto in non-historic ways, they have lost their “historic” character and now are just “old” homes that don’t really fit in the neighborhood. Our Landmarks Commission then requires that new construction be in keeping with historic preservation guidelines when updating or razing these “old” (not “historic”) homes.

    In the same way, I hope that Apple is allowed to build a new building but in a character in keeping with the Boston district. It is totalyl possible, as anyone who has visited Apple’s Flagship SOHO story in New York can attest.

  3. they did a damn fine job of regent street in london. they were certainly not going to get planning permission to demolish there, so they demonstrated they have the expertise to take an existing, traditional building and make a flagship apple store inside.

    MW : reason – sometimes there’s a good reason to keep something

  4. The whole area, Boston and suburbs are so stagnet and stuck in the history of the area, they’re afraid to change anything. Move into the new century.

    They think everything around here needs to be brownstones.

    I bet an Apple store would work quite well on Boylston.
    Historical society’s won’t allow Steve to demolish a house on his property and now they may not allow him to raze copt cop, where are the priotities?

    Go Yankees!

  5. relocation,
    Did it! I now live in the Republic of Texas. Its like a whole nuther country. And BBQ beats baked beans any day of the week. Yeeee Haaaaaaaaaa!!!

    MW=place. Damn how does it do that?

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