Apple’s TV network partners ‘must thank God that Steve Jobs exists’

“Analysis For worse, the online media market continues to fracture into the haves and the have nots – those that have partnered with Apple and those that have not,” Ashlee Vance writes for The Register. “Media companies baffling the public with their ineptitude is nothing new. Apple had to drag the labels kicking and screaming to iTunes. Now, Apple has had to show the mogul crowd how to do a subscription service right by this week offering a discount on TV shows and letting consumers keep their programs. Why Napster, Real and the RIAA think making music disappear at the end of an expensive subscription will prove attractive is anyone’s guess.”

“With that in mind, the media giants who have partnered with Apple – particularly for TV downloads – must thank God that Steve Jobs exists,” Vance writes. “The pigopolists would never figure this stuff out on their own. They would never have agreed to meet in one place – iTunes – without the charismatic Jobs showing them the way. Companies like ABC and NBC would have taken years to push their TV shows onto the interweb and at a somewhat sensible price.”

“Apple has managed to repeat its tradition not of discovering something new but of doing something obvious first,” Vance writes. “Consumers… will grow more and more loathe of the idea behind bundled cable as a result of Apple’s work. The subscription price for The Daily Show – $9.99 for 16 episodes – still seems high. But you can imagine a day when you pick, say, 10 TV shows for that price. Apple downloads them for you, burns them to a DVD and off you go… We imagine that a couple of up-starts will rise and give Apple a real challenge at their own game. That tends to be the way technology-heavy markets operate. Such variety should be welcomed. If this doesn’t happen, the media companies will only have themselves to blame for allowing Apple to control their TV shows as well as their music. Don’t depend on a company as woefully inept as Google. Create a joint venture capital arm to develop independent media warehouses. Invent something great and give it away via open source. Do something. Do anything. Just don’t whine about your own ineptitude. We’ve grown so very tired of that.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “J Alex” for the heads up.]

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  1. In my opinion, the only really impressive thing that Google has ever done is search. Everything else they kind of throw the “beta” tag on and just experiment with. They seem unable to really make a polished, finished product like Apple consistently does.

  2. I thank God Steve Jobs exists too, or I’d be using a adware, spyware, virus infected PC right now… but then again, we’d still all be using DOS wouldn’t we? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  3. I’ve lost a lot of respect for Google as well. Selling out to the Chinese. Compromising freedom of speech for access to a market. It’s unAmerican.

    Then again a lot of things America is doing are unAmerican.

  4. I highly doubt it, Benton. That’s like saying, “does Wal-Mart pay LensCrafters for every product seen by people wearing glasses?”

    I still respect Google. Google Earth is fantastic, if it weren’t for Gmail I’d be stuck with Yahoo Mail (ugh), Google search still remains standard and unfortunately, it’s not compatible with Mac (I don’t think), but from what I’ve seen, Google Desktop is pretty cool, too.

    Google may be a little overreaching with their beta projects, but overall that’s no reason not to respect them. A lot of companies do what Google is doing, experiment massively, but they don’t make it as public as Google does.

  5. The Google products that work well for me are: Google (search), Google News, Google Maps, and Google Mail. Otherwise, there products are just too fractured. I can’t even remember half of them, let alone use them.

  6. Don’t these guys already get billions in advertising dollars already? Along with some sort of cable service royalty/fees? Then they’re whining about not getting enough money from these downloads. I could just record this crap for free and not pay a dime to them. TV’s a bunch of shite as far as I’m concerned. Why did I even bother writing this?

  7. >I’ve lost a lot of respect for Google as well. Selling out to the Chinese. Compromising freedom of speech for access to a market. It’s unAmerican.>

    If our forefathers knew what the USA has become with “Freedom of Speech”, and not allowing anyone to mention God in public, they’d have written our Constitution differently.

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