Apple looks to expand iPod sales outside the U.S.

“Just how do you translate ‘iPod’ into Chinese or Hindi? That may be the question that Apple Computer is pondering as it looks to expand sales of its popular digital music player. Its position in the U.S. dominant, but that means iPod sales growth is tied to the growth of the market here,” Troy Wolverton writes for “Outside the U.S., though, the company owns just a small portion of the game. With the growth of that market expected to outpace the domestic arena, Apple could continue to post outsized sales growth for years to come — depending on how well it convinces overseas consumers that the iPod is as hip to have in China or India as it is in the U.S.”

Here, the iPod has been a runaway success. Last year, nearly 73% of the digital music players sold at retail in the U.S. were iPods, according to NPD, up from 56% in 2004. The company’s nearest competitor last year, SanDisk, held just 7% of the market,” Wolverton reports. “But success outside the U.S. has been limited. Research firm iSuppli, for instance, estimates that Apple’s share of the worldwide market for digital music players, in terms of units shipped, was 24.9% last year… [Apple] is already pushing the iPod overseas. For instance, the company has set up country-specific versions of its iTunes music store — which works hand-in-hand with the iPod — for Japan and more than a dozen countries and areas in Europe and Latin America.”

“Of particular note is the company’s record in Japan, where, despite intense competition from hometown electronics giants such as Sony and Matushita, Apple’s market share jumped to 51.3% of the market last year from 32% the year before, according to data from research firm BCN,” Wolverton reports. “But there’s no guarantee the iPod will become as dominant overseas as it is here in the U.S.”

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  1. Apple looks to expand iPod sales outside the U.S.

    This is about the stupidest idea yet.

    How about expanding sales in the US?


    First fact, 80-90% of the people online are Male.

    Females love musc, but most hate computers.

    You want to get laid? Fill iPods up with music and loan them to girls.

    Second fact: Most people online listen to rock, however the most music sales overall is Country music.

    So there is another untapped market.

    Why do these two untapped markets exist?

    Because Apple (and others) insist on tying a portable music device with a computer.

    The Walkman didn’t require a expensive complicated computer.

    Buy a Walkman, buy a tape and stick it in. No computer science degree needed.

  2. It has been my experience in places like Pakistan, Jordan, Dubai, Cyprus, Egypt, Malaysia, Cambodia and Vietnam etc….. that the tech savvy all speak English and the younger generations in those countries are all learning to speak English or already do!

    Although they most probably would appreciate the text on an iPod in their own language, I don’t really think this is a problem. English is King.

    They will all think the iPod is just Mega ‘COOL’. Give it to them and they will buy. Their eyes are always turned to the west for trends. I have purchased my last two iPods in Dubai, where they are for sale in every good ‘tech’ store.

    Gotta love them apples.


  3. The Walkman didn’t require a expensive complicated computer.

    No, but Walkman required you to carry around a satchel full of tapes or CDs everywhere you went and was a total pain in the ass.

    Face it, an HD or Flash based storage system requires a device to get the info on and off. So a computer is necessary. It’s not an arbitrary requirement Apple has forced on the world, just a fact of life. Get over it MacDude.

  4. MacDude:

    “The Walkman didn’t require a expensive complicated computer.”

    No but it did require you to have a huge expensive stereo back at home to transfer your LP’s to cassette.

    Think your reponse through next time.

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