Louis Lombardi (Edgar Stiles on the FOX hit ‘24’) can’t get Apple to properly fix his Mac

“In a recent exclusive interview that we conducted with character actor Louis Lombardi, he vented his frustrations with his Macintosh computer,” Evan Jacobs reports for MovieWeb. “What makes this all the more interesting is that Lombardi currently plays the role of computer guru, Edgar Stiles, on the popular FOX hit 24.”

MacDailyNews Note: Playing a computer guru obviously doesn’t transform an actor into a computer guru. “I’m not a computer guru, but I play one on TV.”

Jacobs continues, “‘I bought a Macintosh to do all my work on,’ Louis began. ‘Editing stuff and writing, you know? A brand new one, it’s supposed to be the best one they have. It turns out I’ve had it in the shop three different times. For all different problems, three different problems with the same Mac ; within the last year. And every time I try and call someone at Apple or Mac or wherever… no one responds. No one even cares! …And it’s almost like a running joke about how sh*tty Mac is now. It’s like this guy is supposed to be the computer genius… and his Mac is breaking every other week. No one will even call to fix it or take care of it. That’s the worst part about it is dealing with Apple, I think. Not only is their product horrible but… no one responds to you when something happens. …It’s just like, ‘We’ll fix it again, we’ll fix it again. We can fix it every week until your warranty runs out.’ And then what do you do?’ He asked incredulously. ‘If I woulda known this beforehand? I’d just bought a new Powerbook, the G5, 17″, widescreen one, that I wouldn’t have bought if I would have known the problems I was gonna have with this one. It’s insane. It’s the worst experience I’ve ever had with a computer, and I’m playing the computer genius on 24, that’s the funniest thing. Every time I walk in there everybody’s like, ‘Edgar! What’s wrong with your computer?’ Right away they look at the Mac and they’re like, ‘Oh God, if Edgar can’t get it going no one can.””

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Again, because Louis plays “Edgar” doesn’t make him a computer expert (there never was a “PowerBook G5”). As that is obviously true and Louis is having problems with whatever Mac he has (the article never mentions the model), Apple should do the right thing and fix Louis’ Mac pronto. And not just because Lombardi has access to a larger soapbox than most people, but if Apple needs a reason to make this particular customer happy, that’s a pretty good one. Apple’s Mac desktops and portables top PC Magazine’s most-recent (2005) Reader Satisfaction survey (more info), but there’s no such thing as a lemon-free hardware manufacturing process. If Lombardi is indeed stuck with a lemon, Apple should immediately fix it with a new Mac (loaded to the max would be a good idea) because it’s the right thing to do and it can only help to have Lombardi loving his Mac, instead of hating it, especially when it comes up in interviews centered around him playing a computer guru on a hit TV show.

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  1. A bad opinion from a celeb can counteract a thousand from happy Mac users.

    In any case, even if he wasn’t a known face, this is shameful behaviour from Apple. This particular PowerBook is obviously defective, so they should replace it. They did it with my old iPod within 10 minutes when it died. What’s the problem here?

  2. Kudos to MacDailyNews for covering this – someone with a brain at Apple (as opposed to those Lombardi’s encountered so far will now see what’s going on. Not good publicity. Not smart. Betcha Lombardi has a brand new top-of-the-line MacBook Pro on his doorstep by this evening.

  3. Received the following just an hour ago from a friend who has a G5 20″

    Hey Rick,

    We’re iMac miserable, but other than that doing fine in the warm clime.

    Now the damned hard drive has died along with a whole lot of Steph’s
    professional photographs from a painting workshop she had just

    The power source was changed out, and since then we had been to three
    different Apple authorized service centers, and hours on the Apple

    They are sending a new hard drive, but we have absolutely no
    confidence in this machine.

  4. Joe Schmo from Podunkville USA complaining is one thing, but an actor on a successful TV show who happens to play a computer guru is another.

    Both should get their Macs fixed, but in Lombardi’s case it should have never gone anywhere near as far as it obviously has – Apple blew it here.

    Somebody at Apple dropped the ball and forgot that it’s bad business to let someone down who has access to multiple large megaphones.

    Lombardi’s about to get a very nice MacBook Pro and probably a promise for the 17-inch model on the first day of availability. A nice iPod 60GB with every episode of “24” on it wouldn’t hurt, either.

    Apple also should send a Mac Genius over along with the new MacBook Pro to find out if Lombardi needs any questions answered.

    I agree, kudos to MDN for picking up this story.

  5. it doesn’t mention the model true (though he touches on some)…my guess? It’s a G5 iMac. They have been experiencing SERIOUS power issues. They simply stop running. There are a number of causes but this is beginning to affect quite a few people. I agree with the MDN take..Lombardi should get whatever he wants and then some. The problem is, he won’t get called back by the magazine to do a follow up story. The best idea is to do an ad with him. He could say he had problems with his system, no company, or computer product is perfect, but that now he LOVES his new computer, and that Apple DOES care.

  6. Doesn’t say what model? Whaaaa?!?!?!

    “…just bought a new Powerbook, the G5, 17″, widescreen one…”

    OK, there is no G5 Powerbook, sorry MacDude, but I think we know what model he has. And yes, Apple should turn this into a positive P.R. opportunity. But lor-dee what whining does an interviewer’s microphone elicit, sarcastically overdramatic though it be.

  7. This guy sounds like a bit of an idiot. We shouldn’t assume that he isn’t being very unreasonable in dealing with Apple and the service centre he’s been dealing with. It’s also quite possible he is exaggerating and even lying about some of his experiences (they sound kind of unbeleivable if you ask me). I mean, he doesn’t even know what kind of computer he has. He thinks he has a PowerBook G5 for chrissake.

    There are only so many components in a PowerBook that can be replaced. Maybe you could get a second part that is defective, but the chances of getting a third is very slim indeed. We’re only hearing one side of the story here and shouldn’t assume it’s the right one. That doesn’t mean it’s not true, but we should keep that in mind before passing judgement. There are a lot of idiot customers who exacerbate problems by not dealing with things properly. Without this guy providing any particulars of the problems, it just sounds like a spoiled celebrity who knows nothing about technology thinking he knows better because he plays a tech guru on TV.

    Frankly, it looks pretty bad on him to use his celebrity interview to slag a product. Sounds too much like he’s got a personal vendetta and is abusing his celebrity status to extract his pound of flesh. Given his behaviour, I’d side with Apple on this one. He’s probably been a nightmare to deal with and is asking for far more than he’s due.

    So he had his Mac in the shop for 3 different reasons, 3 different times. Was it hardware or software? Maybe every time he has an error message, or his computer seems slow, he takes it in. He called ‘Apple or Mac or whatever’? and no one responds? How’s that possible? I’d think if Apple wasn’t picking up it’s customer support lines, we’d all hear about it pretty quick. Sounds to me like this fucktard is calling Apple headquarters, trying to raise shit with an executive and they aren’t returning his call because he’s leaving them nasty messages.

    This guy is damaging his own reputation more than Apple’s if you ask me.

  8. Why does everyone assume that he doesn’t know what computer he has? My money is on a typo by the “journalist”… which is all too common. And really, the computer he has is irrelevant. Apple should just fix the d@mn thing.

  9. Celebs are the biggest whiners in the country. Apple doesn’t need to bow down to their diva ways. Sure, the people on set may joke about his laptop not working but when it comes to them buying a computer, they’ll buy a computer from whomever will kiss their ass the most. It could be their driver, ass wiper, etc. Nobody takes celebs seriously, not even other celebs.

  10. Why doesn’t revise the iMac G5 firmware so the cooling is a little more aggressive? The fans can really rev up, like a G5 tower, so the cooling potential IS there.

    Surely a couple more decibels of fan noise beats burnt-out components…

  11. i read that whole PB g5 thing as he would have gottne the powerbook instead of the 17 inch g5 widescreen that he did get… and i kind of feel him there… i bought a new 17 inch imac 2.0 ghz when it came out and within 48 hours i was at the local retail store getting a new logic board installed… apparently this was a major flaw in the 17 inch imac… and who told me this was the problem? the fine people at apple support… and i gotta say i would much rather have to deal with fixing a logic board every week than to ever have to install patches to patch patches… but my imac runs fine now and has since day 3


    MDN Magic Word: old

    as in “Bashing the Mac for being smarter than you is getting ‘old'”

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