Report: Flash, H.264, Windows Media trail RealVideo quality

“ today announced publication of two new research reports, ‘Proprietary Streaming Codecs, 2006’ and ‘Flash Codecs, 2006.’ The first report compares RealVideo and Windows Media with top Flash and Apple’s H.264 codecs, while the second compares the quality of Flash video codecs and encoding tools. The company found that quality of the best Flash and H.264 codecs still trailed RealVideo, often by a significant margin. ‘While the progress of H.264 and Flash codecs has been impressive,’ quipped report author Jan Ozer, ‘rumors of the demise of all other codecs have been greatly exaggerated.’ To research the reports, Ozer produced a 6-minute test file composed of 38 scenes representing typical business, sports, and entertainment videos, along with several animations and still image pans and zooms,” MacNN reports.

Full article with more info and links here.

“ on Monday announced the publication of two new reports that suggest that Apple’s QuickTime H.264 video encoding has gained ground on Microsoft Windows Media. The winner, however, was RealVideo,” Peter Cohen reports for MacCentral.

Full article here.

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  1. Beta is in fact still used widely in the professional realm. there is in fact digital beta. every news program you watch is recorded on beta.

    every editor learns linear editing on a beta or beta sp U-matic.

    it’s a great format.


  2. What I’d like to see is a more independent test than this.

    “The test clip includes 38 clips grouped in sections for business, sports, entertainment, animation and pan and zoom content. Apple, Microsoft and Real encoded the test clips to our parameters to ensure optimal quality.”

    See? Each of the vendors was allowed to encode the video test clips. Did they know why? What were the encoding settings? What was the objective of each? Who is on the judging panel and what is their background and qualifications?

    How about a test for mere mortals? You know, the rest of us.

    Oh, did you read about the Video Quality Test. They took the output from RealVideo, Windows Media Video, and QuickTime, and compared them to the actual video footage. QuickTime H.264 came in first, with quality performance 250% greater than WMV or RealVideo.

    If you’d like to see the report, send me $2,950.00, and I’ll mail a copy to you.

  3. “hypocrites”..

    I agree that too often are things dismissed, but it’s hard not to make a snide comment here. RealVideo is terrible. It buffers every five seconds, and never seems to stream properly. I find the buffers sometimes put the audio and video out of sync in favor of the audio.

    Whatever happened to MP2? Wasn’t that a video format?

  4. hypocrites wrote and Dank agreed…

    “you guys try to dismiss as irrelevant or biased any reports that might indicate that Apple’s product or software is not the absolute best, but had the Apple product come out on top…

    While I might agree that there is a fervent, blindfolded, non-objective, knee-jerk pavlovian response <i> (did I forget anything?)</i) that we see here quite often, in quite a few of these cases the “report” is far from coming from an objective source. However, having looked at <a >’s</a> website, they look like they’re pretty serious.

    Always best to take a wait-and-see approach to these kinds of things, but h.264 looks pretty tough to beat.

    MW:HAND, as in…
    <e> An h.264 in the hand is worth two ghost codecs in the bush!</e>

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