Is Steve Jobs human after all?

“Maybe Steve Jobs is human after all. Over the past seven days, reports have surfaced of three new electronic miscreants aimed at Apple’s Mac OS X computer operating system. That’s a first for the Mac maker, and, accordingly, the news stirred up a media firestorm. Comparisons to the virus-ridden beast that is Microsoft’s Windows OS soon followed. I had intended to pile it on. But then I read an interesting story at by ‘Byte of the Apple’ columnist Airk Hesseldahl. He asserts that the attacks are much ado about nothing,” Tim Beyers writes for The Motley Fool. “Initial accounts suggest he’s right: There have been no reports of damage among the victims of these digital outbreaks.”

“So why the hysteria? I don’t know. Maybe it’s that the mainstream media has adopted a ‘gotcha’ mentality when it comes to Apple. That would make sense, given Apple’s remarkable run over the past two years. And call me a conspiracy theorist, but I think this morning’s news adds a bit of fuel to the fire: Apple announced that the iTunes Music Store has sold more than 1 billion downloads,” Beyers writes. “Saying Apple has become the heavy in downloadable digital media is putting it very mildly… Accordingly, I understand why some have chosen to throw jabs. Apple has risen from relative obsolescence to superstardom, after all. But really now, Jobs? Human? Get real.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews reader “vitaboy” for the heads up.]

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  1. Jobs is from the Planet Krypton. he was found by Mr & Mrs Jobs and brought up as a normal human. My parents, Mr & Mrs Gates saw Steves cpasule land and recovered Steve’s only weekness, a chunk of his Home planet that tagged along when he was placed in his escape pod by his natural krypton parents. They gave this kryptonite to me as I grew up. I know I can get steve to do anything i want by just patting the lead box i always carry with me….Steve is NOT human, and he does MY bidding Bwahahaha I cant even control Blamer as much as I can Jobs ………

  2. Nailed to the cross in 1985, resurrected in 1997, Steve can walk on water, and when he releases the iWine (just add water), the iFish, and iLoaf he will have achieved god-hood.

    Remember Steve is part Syrian, so it’s more like when Steve dies he will cross this iBridge over a iLake of fire.

    If the work of his life holds up, there will be a vestal of iVirgins awaiting him.

    iVegans of course, naked except a little iPod Nano hanging between their iBoobs.


  3. Someone needs to investigate this and Follow the Money. I am sure it leads to Steve Balmer’s door step. Some shady deals in a parking garage where manilla envelopes are passed from one dark character to another. Oh, yessss… I have seen the brief.

    Microsoft – stop paying hackers to write miscreants to create a false hysteria in the Mac community. It won’t help the release of your vaporware called Vista.

  4. Rabid Mac haters would have loved it if there really was a “Mac malware outbreak”. The very thought of it, had them rubbing themselves and panting.

    Let’s face it. They collectively made a guffaw when they made windblows the number one market share os. Now, it’s easier and much less painful to make up nonsense about Mac than admit they all fsked up.

    Rock on Steve!
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  5. Wow. We’ve become just like television and movies. Incestuous, they are.

    We write about those who write about what we write about, which is what they wrote about, then we all read about it by trading stories.

    Is it any wonder that there’s not more hysteria?

    Really. At least this guy didn’t fall into the “virus” and “worm” trap of mainstream media. That’s where the so-called hysteria came from. Not from Mac folks.

    I like the term “electronic miscreants.” It just sounds more mature than Trojan Horse, or Virus, don’t you think? Windows users suffer through virus and worms. Mac users have an occasional malformed miscreant.

    Which, by the way, is what all the media hoopla was about. Malformation, and non-formation. The original OS X/Leap-A was malformed. The Bluetooh miscreant was evicted last year. The most recent problem was never found in the wild, though it exposed an obvious social fabric flaw in Safari.

    Mac users seem to like things that work well, which is one reason we’re attracted to Apple products and Mac OS X. It just works. In this era of self publishing, we’ve found that mainstream media doesn’t publish information with as much accuracy or gusto as Mac users love their Macs. The vaccum gets filled by sites who are not afraid to point out errors here and there, and hold the media to a higher standard.

    Tera Patricks

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