Intel CEO Otellini expects delivery of his new Apple MacBook Pro any day now

“Paul S. Otellini, head of Intel Corp., the chipmaker famous for its alliance with Microsoft Corp. and the Windows operating system, is expecting delivery of his new Mac laptop any day now. It’ll be his first,” Mike Musgrove reports for The Washington Post. “Otellini might be the first guy at the top of the world’s largest chipmaker to buy a computer from his company’s longtime neighbor in Silicon Valley. He doesn’t know for sure. But it’s certain that he’ll be the first to own a Mac with an Intel processor inside.”

“Otellini once headed up Intel’s marketing department, and he isn’t afraid of stunts to promote the brand. One week, he’s on stage at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, helping colleague Sean Maloney perform a magic trick to introduce a new processor. The next, he’s in San Francisco, wearing the white ‘bunny suit’ of a chip factory worker onstage at Apple’s trade show to announce that the new Intel-powered Mac computers would soon start shipping,” Musgrove reports.

Full article here.

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  1. Just provide enough g*ddamn chips for Apple in every conceivable iteration that they need — AND ON TIME!!! — and you can publish all the attention-getting articles and press releases you want. Okay?

    Just don’t go and “IBM it” on us.

  2. You know, this is all marketing bs and publicity stunts to get us to sell out to Intel, us diehard Mac users would rather croak first than use a inferior Intel processor.

    Wait till you see what IBM sends down the pipe later in 2007, it will blow peoples minds, and guess what? Mac users will be stuck using inferior and slow Intel chips.

    But oh well, IBM supposely dropped the ball on a cooler G5 processor for laptops right?


    Consumer PC’s are going to trusted computing and HDCP DRM HELL and that requires, yep, Intel processors.

    Apple might be grabbing some of that new hot IBM action in the PowerMac line, several times faster than present (and future) Intel processors.

    Why? IBM innovates, they got all the brains in the world.

    Intel is farming their brains to terrorists in the middle east.

    Oh you didn’t know. LOL Google it!

    Intel is evil. Toast the Bunny!!

  3. You know.

    I really like Otellini. In an age of dour CEOs he’s willing to make fun of himself and seems a pretty cool guy.

    For what it’s worth Intel seem a lot more interested in Apple than IBM have been in the last few years.

  4. Chill Madhatter. The POWER roadmap is pretty solid, expecting mindblowing performance down the road that will beat the crap out of any X86 processor out there – as IBM would say. Problem is: With IBM, you never know when they will deliver. When will this mindblowing performance be delivered? Will it be 2006, 2007, 2008? Is Apple just going to wait forever for those speedy chips? Will there ever be a low power version? That’s the problem. Intel delivers on time and what Apple wants because it is focussed on delivering consumer PC chips. IBM is mainly into servers. Somewhere down the road, those IBM chips will probably emulate Windows faster than running native on any x86 chip, bla, bla, bla. It doesn’t matter.

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