Design Mobel introduces world’s first Apple iPod-compatible bed with built-in iPod dock

Design Mobel’s “Pause” bed is crafted from sustainable New Zealand Rimu with aluminum detailing. Optional accessories include minimalist side lamps and aluminium storage trays, yet perhaps the most exciting feature is how the shelves can seamlessly accommodate an iPod universal dock and BOSE speaker system. These electronic accessories allow you to enjoy and awaken to your favourite tunes in the most personal of spaces. The concealed iPod universal dock also provides a convenient means for recharging your iPod.

“In designing Pause we explored the notion of ‘rest’ (whether it be while awake or through sleep) and how we choose to create our own personal bedroom space. In doing so, the conceptual design of Pause aimed to challenge the conventional definition of the bedroom environment. The resulting design incorporates functionality that lets your mood guide the pace,” says Pause bed designer Dan Gillingham.

The Pause bed is currently available at all major Capt’n Snooze locations in Australia and at all 18 Bedpost stores located throughout New Zealand.

More, including contact info for those living outside Australia or New Zealand, here.

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  1. I love these kinds of marketing lines:

    “The resulting design incorporates functionality that lets your mood guide the pace.”

    What the hell does that mean?

    And what do you do with those docks once the iPod design is changed? Because that bed’ll last a lot longer than the current iPod form factor.

  2. Crash Cart- – That bed won’t last long with ME working it. Yaah, baby. Yaaaaahhhh!!!

    If this iPod’s a-rockin, don’t come a-knockin’!


  3. It was my understanding that the “universal” dock is exactly that. When Apple makes a form change the universal dock will only need an inexpensive “wedge” (i forget what they called it) to fit the new factor. Was’nt that the point of the iPod licensing plan, where developer of devices pay a fee to get the iPod logo or something?

  4. CrashCart — re: “”The resulting design incorporates functionality that lets your mood guide the pace.”

    I think it may be a subtle Aussie way of saying “Hey, put your high-energy tunes on and bang away. Or put your softer (pardon the pun) music on and give her some slow, tender lovin'”.

    At least, that’s my guess.

    (MW: “size”. I swear. Weird.)

  5. because Apple thoughtfully uses a universal dock these days, and every ipod comes with the socket to make it fit the dock. so new ipod form factors will only need that plastic socket to fit today’s docks. and they’ll come with it.

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