Apple Mac hits #1 in Western Europe Education market

According to a MacDailyNews source, the latest data soon to be publicly published by a leading research firm will show that Apple has attained the number one position in the Western Europe Education Market.

Based on the scant information MacDailyNews has seen, Apple’s Education market share in Western Europe rose to 15.2% from 12.7% versus the same quarter last year, moving Dell into the number two position with 14.7% and leaving HP at the number three position with 14.2%.

We hope to have more information soon.

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  1. My dad bought the computers for his school district during the 1990’s. This was during the time when apple was losing educational marketshare to windows PCs. The school board decided that the best way to prepare students for the ‘real world’ would be to train them to use PCs (because most businesses used them). So, my dad was ordered to only buy PCs. He got so frustrated at the problems that ensued (viruses, malware, networking problems, etc) that he quit and went back to being a math teacher.

    The idea that students must be trained on the exact computer systems that businesses use became the de facto standard all over the US. School boards do not understand that becoming computer savvy is generally independent of what operating system you use. Word processing applications are generally the same on Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc. It would take a lot of potluck dinners and a buttload of advertising to convince them otherwise.

    I don’t see Apple gaining back much educational marketshare in the US without first targeting the business/enterprise market. They need to focus on making their computers compatible with the corporate environment. The xServe was a start, but those are locked away in data centers.

    (on a related note, I reiterate my desperate plea for apple to make groupware versions of AddressBook and iCal… a HUGE advantage for small businesses/offices).

  2. Our schools need more macs and less peecees! Otherwise those darned western european kids will turn out to be smarter and more effiecient young adults than ours will!

    After all, if they use macs all through school, they will surely buy macs as adults and be far more productive than any of their peecee using counterparts!

    brand new imacs for all schools! i wish i had ilife when i was in high school! kids are lucky these days!!

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