Personal Computer World: Apple iLife ‘06 ‘a must have for any Mac user’

“Bundled with new Macs and sold separately for £55 (US$79), Apple iLife ’06 is a one-stop shop for home multimedia projects. Aimed specifically at non-experts, it lets you edit your camcorder movies, create DVDs, retouch photos, print professional-quality picture books and even compose music,” Chris Cain writes for Personal Computer World. “iLife ’06 features updated versions of its five key applications; iPhoto, iMovie HD, iDVD, iTunes and Garageband. It also introduces iWeb, a brand new web-design program optimise for use with Apple’s .Mac online service. See photo gallery. The secret of iLife’s success is that each application is built around a simple, iTunes-like interface and a set of well-designed, yet customisable templates. Most operations are drag and drop and you can get reasonable results in a matter of minutes.”

“With tighter integration between the packages and the excellent new iWeb, iLife ’06 really is a must have for any Mac user,” Cain writes.

Full review here.

iLife ’06.Includes iPhoto, iMovie HD, DVD, and GarageBand, plus iWeb, an innovative application that lets you share photos, movies, podcasts, and blogs on the Internet using .Mac. Just $79. Free shipping.
MacBook Pro. The first Mac notebook built upon Intel Core Duo with iLife ’06, Front Row and built-in iSight. Starting at $1999. Free shipping.
iMac. Twice as amazing — Intel Core Duo, iLife ’06, Front Row media experience, Apple Remote, built-in iSight. Starting at $1299. Free shipping.
iMac and MacBook Pro owners: Apple USB Modem. Easily connect to the Internet using dial-up service. Only $49.
iPod Radio Remote. Listen to FM radio on your iPod and control everything with a convenient wired remote. Just $49.
iPod. 15,000 songs. 25,000 photos. 150 hours of video. The new iPod. 30GB and 60GB models start at just $299. Free shipping.
Connect iPod to your television set with the iPod AV Cable. Just $19.

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  1. You mean to tell me that MusicMatch JukeBox, PowerDVD, and Micro$oft Works are not the programs to die for on a PC?!

    (Let’s not forget FreeCell, Solitaire, and that riviting Pinball game)

  2. I picked up iLife 06 on Sunday, and I love it. The full screen photo editing in iPhoto is awesome. iPhoto 05 made my PC acquaintances drool with envy (but yet they fail to buy a Mac?) but iPhoto 06 is so cool looking and easy to use it actaully makes them mad.

    iWeb will redefine web page authoring apps. It allows you to build web pages from a page layout point of view, rather than the traditional HTML table or CSS box layout. It doesn’t yet have all the bells and whistles, but it has mastered the ability to make great looking sites with little effort and even less time. If you are familiar with pages, than iWeb sill be a snap for you.

  3. Really it should be called a must have for any computer user who wants to organize and publish photos, make music, listen to music, edit and make dvd’s.

    To say that only Mac users would like this is a bit of an understatement.

    im just SAYING

  4. check out the discussion boards on apple’s support site for iLife 06.

    it’s more than a small problem. iMovie is crash prone, seriously slow on even the most powerful of G4’s, and doesn’t play well with other iLife apps.

    wait for the 6.01 version to come out before you upgrade to iLife 06

  5. I think iLife ’06 is cool, but I agree, wait for the first update. GarageBand 3 has several annoying bugs, including the “snap to grid” feature not working, the Preferences being inaccessible, and conflicts with iChat for some odd reason.

  6. What gets me is that MDN publishes this article without even referencing the obvious issues that many loyal apple users are having with iLife 06.

    Does MDN really want apple users to install microsoftesque quality software on their macs?

    iLife has serious issues. It must not have been beta tested completely, that’s obvious by the number of people that are struggling with bug issues. The problems are far beyond what should be expected in a upgrade, and certainly not expected from a company with the history of quality like Apple.

    Come on MDN, you take Apple to take on their lack of advertising, keep your integrity and take them to task on iLife 06.

    MDN word is “late”, as in it’s not to late to find your cojones!

  7. Sorry to all those who are having issues with iLife 06. I can’t stop playing with it (the iLife apps that is) and have not run into a bug or unpredicatable behavior yet. Imported and edited some small movies in iMove, Made a great slideshow for my Parents 45th anniversary and imported it to iDVD. Redesigned a website for my brother for his recording studio using Life. So far so good. I’ve only putzed with Garageband so I can’t say much there.

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