Tech writer: ‘virus-and-spyware-prone Windows isn’t the way to go – get a Mac’

“Big things are happening in personal computers this winter. On the Macintosh side, Apple Computer has begun its momentous rollout of Macs with the Intel processors found in Windows PCs — a big shift from the company’s traditional anti-Intel stance,” Julio Ojeda-Zapata writes for The St. Paul Pioneer Press. “Nothing quite as seismic is occurring on the Windows side, but Intel has just debuted ‘Viiv’-branded PC designs for those seeking decent multimedia machines in simple-to-buy configurations. We tried out two computers, an Intel-based iMac and an affordable Viiv PC from Dell — one of dozens of PC makers to offer such machines beginning this year. Our test machines have one major factor in common: They use Intel ‘dual core’ processors that essentially consist of two processors on a single chunk of silicon. This means they can juggle more tasks at once without bogging down [and] they’re amazingly quiet.”

“The Viiv label makes PC shopping easier, because you know what you’re getting. The [Dell] XPS 200 is nice, but a bit more cash will get you a Viiv with iMac-caliber performance… Apple’s iMac includes the superb iLife, which also incorporates music-composing and Web-authoring apps. Our Dell loaner, though, only included Adobe’s Photoshop Elements photo-editing program. If it’s absolute peace of mind you crave, the virus-and-spyware-prone Windows isn’t the way to go. Get a Mac,” Ojeda-Zapata writes.

Full article here.

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  1. It will be interesting to note how SALES of PC web cams will be affected with the integration of iSight into iMacs, Mac Book Pros, and future Apple products.

    Will PC users re-visit the idea of Web Cam chats and if so, will that too spur a copy-cat integration of Web Cams into PCs?

  2. me: “Will PC users re-visit the idea of Web Cam chats and if so, will that too spur a copy-cat integration of Web Cams into PCs?”

    I’m sure Dell’s subcontractors are busy drilling holes in Dell’s notebook housing right now.

  3. Many PC laptops have had built-in webcams for years now. I know a few peole who insist on having this feature in every laptop they buy, but then nobody uses it. I’ve always thought this is because PC software frequently makes a buggy and unstable connection with peripherals, usually because of driver conflicts. People are also frequently not 100% sure that their camera is off when they want it off.

    Of course, Apple solves both of these problems.

    Does anyone know if the new Mac cams can be switched off by physically masking the lens the way the iSight can?

  4. “This means they can juggle more tasks at once without bogging down”

    Why is it that MacWorld failed to make that realization when reviewing and benchmarking the new iMacs? They only seeming intereted in seeing how the new iMac compared to the old one doing one thing at a time, making the assumption that their tests can be extrapolated to reach any kind of useful conclusion. They were wrong.

  5. Nemero Elf:

    They want windows on their macs so they can get along with their IT staff at work who (incorrectly) believes that nothing but Windows can live on the network, and (correctly) believes that if everyone in the company got Macs, the IT staff would no longer have a job cleaning up the mess that is Windows.

    Unfortunately, someone in every business chooses a software package that runs only on Windows, and all their workers suffer for it.

    Having XP or VISTA on a Mac would allow the user to have the simple, elegant computing solutions from Apple, and still have a safe sandbox to run the kludgy horror of Windows that their job requires. When they leave for the day, they can log off windows, go back to the beautiful OS X desktop, and sleep peacefully in the knowledge that their laptop is not being eaten alive by spyware and viruses while plugged in and charging while running Windows.

    That’s why. And you knew the answer, too. You just tried to make a point, but didn’t do it very well.

  6. Obviously, buy a Mac – how many Mac users are worried about the Feb 3rd worm that has already infected 300,000 machines? Please raise your hands? OK, you in the back – are you really a Mac user or are you just trying to skew our stats? I see… you wish you had a Mac.

    Same processor – differnt results… and VISTA will be so safe that there will be no security-ware included in the operating system… Hmmm, I guess bouncing Ballmer and Giveaway Bill just haven’t gotit figured out yet.

    BUY A MAC!!!!

    Because it does matter.

    MDN: matter – MacOS X is real as in “matter” not vapour ware. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”raspberry” style=”border:0;” />

  7. the iSight camera has no “off” setting, per se; there is a little green indicator that tells you when the camera is “live”. if this is off, so is the camera. usually, it comes on only when using iChat or PhotoBooth. there is no shutter mechanism, as the stand-alone iSight has. i just put a piece of opaque tape over it, to be sure. i know that this is not very Mac-like, but what can you do…?

  8. billysmom–

    Are you sure that you can not turn off the cam? It seems that it would be silly to have it powered up and running down the battery if not in use… Perhaps there’s something in the energy saver control panel. Of course, no one has a MacBook Pro yet, so we’ll have to wait and see. I’m guessing though, that at least on the portables, there will be a way to turn it off.

    MW: Strength, as in battery strength.

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