Windows chief Allchin: Buy Windows Vista for the security

If new features won’t get you to upgrade to Vista, security enhancements should, according to Windows chief Jim Allchin.

“Microsoft has already touted the bells and whistles it is putting into Windows Vista, the operating system successor to XP that’s due out by the end of the year. There will be flashy new graphics, a spiffed-up user interface and advanced search features. Other changes include improved touch-screen support and a Windows sidebar that can display all kinds of information such as upcoming appointments, just-in e-mail messages and a clock,” Joris Evers reports for CNET News.

Evers reports, “But if none of that strikes your fancy, Vista will still be worth getting, thanks to its better defenses against phishing attacks, spyware and other malicious code, Allchin said. ‘Safety and security is the overriding feature that most people will want to have Windows Vista for,’ the co-president of Microsoft’s platform, products and services division said in an interview with CNET ‘Even if they are not into home entertainment or in any of the specialty areas, they are just going to feel safer and more secure by using it.'”

Full article here.
As Allchin is being shuffled off to retirement after countless Windows XP security failures that resulted in the losses of billions of dollars in productivity for Windows sufferers and after having stripped Windows Vista’s feature set of anything even remotely interesting in order to ship Microsoft’s latest malformed Mac derivative after slipping for years, Allchin turns back to the tried and true: spew a bunch of the same old promises and hope the pigeons will flock to line up at midnight once again. CNET doesn’t mention, but we can’t imagine Allchin was able to keep a straight face throughout this interview. On the other hand, Allchin is the same guy who accused Apple of copying Microsoft’s Windows “Longhorn” with Mac OS X, so he could simply be nuts and actually believes his own lunacy; the probability (or someone) is high.

Judging by the responses by Windows sufferers that accompany the CNET article, it’s a good thing for Allchin that he’s being forced out; many people seem to have awakened since that long ago day when Windows XP was released. At CNET at least, many aren’t buying it this time around. Instead, they seem ready to finally give up on waiting and waiting and waiting for nothing and instead are planning on buying the real thing, the one that actually does work as hardly-advertised; they’re buying a Mac instead.

“The only problem with Microsoft is they just have no taste. They have absolutely no taste. And what that means is — and I don’t mean that in a small way, I mean that in a big way — in the sense that they don’t think of original ideas and they don’t bring much culture into their product.” – Steve Jobs (QuickTime, 0:23, 0.9MB)

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  1. Yeah, and if you believe MS security is better, I have some WMDs in Iraq to sell you.

    Umm… haven’t they ALREADY issued a virus fix even before it’s been released?

  2. Does anyone, even the staunchest Microsoft fan actually think that this project will really be worth the wait and the ridiculous amounts of money that must have been wasted on it? Even if you prefer windows over OSX (crazy I know), you have to agree that Apple seem to get far better bang for their development bucks.

  3. Believe it or not a lot of people will buy this line and buy Vista. A great many people think that Windows is all there is and that the security problems that they have with Windows is part and parcel of all computing.
    But you can best believe that Microsoft will copy Mac OS X as much as they can, claiming that they invented such features themselves. Or at least giving the impression that they did. As for the security, that’s something we’ll have to see about.
    IF it is secure, or at least somewhat secure, a lot of people and businesses will buy Vista because it comes from Microsoft and will possibly run on their current machines.
    MDN has it right again. However I HATE to come to this site and stare at ads for Windows Small Business Server 2003.
    My God, this is a Mac News site! The shame of selling out!

  4. Don’t begin to tell me they really believe WIndows will be virus free with Vista? Earlier I sent the message below and it’ll be the same with Vista…

    “Please be aware of the latest Windows virus -Nyxem-E- for which you should urgently update your virus definitions and scan your computer before the 3rd February deadline for its payload. It is scheduled to delete Word, Excel and other MS Office files as well as Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Photoshop files. 300,000 PC’s are thought to be infected to date via email attachments (had one recently entitled ‘Funny ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />’ for example?).

    And, when you next consider a new computer, I promise that you will save many unhappy hours if you move to an Apple Mac and take into account that:
    -There are no viruses for Apple Mac computers since the secure and stable ‘OS X’ operating system launched in 2001. Even Microsoft Office on a Mac is not affected by the virus below.
    -The spam email we all receive is mostly sent via PC’s that have been infected by a virus and which are then remotely controlled by spammers or worse. Apple Macs on the other hand can’t be controlled remotely – without your express permission.

    Time to say cheerio Windows and hello Mac..”

  5. Uh, isn’t this the point where Joe McConnell is supposed to show up and tell MDN to “lighten up” or “switch to decaf”? Joe Mc has been showing up in this forum for years and has been a Windows Apologist for as long as I can remember. He hates it when his favorite platform has been attacked, so he usually offers useless tidbit comments like that, as if somehow it’s MDN’s fault that Windows is such a worthless POS operating system.

    C’mon Joey Mc – show us your true colors yet again. Come in and make a worthless comment about MDN and its readers. But maybe one day tell us what you don’t like about the Mac.

    Long ago Joe Mc told us that he’d buy a headless iMac if they made one. You know, an iMac that didn’t tie you into the all-in-one so that he could just use the box, but use his own monitor. Something in the $500 range, he told us. Hmm, sounds like the Mac Mini. Did you buy one, Joe, or were you yet again blowing smoke?

  6. Windows for security. Wow, that’s rich. Maybe he should try his hand at writing a sitcom or two in his retirement. He obviously enjoys a good joke. He probably says that MS innovates too. Gosh, my sides hurt from laughing so much.

  7. Well, don’t be so hard on the poor guy. He’s their big OS chief and he hasn’t had a popular release in what, 10 years? XP never took off like they hoped. He’s probably afraid of getting a pink slip next year if this new OS doesn’t take off either.

    And it’s true! It is safter than the previous version. But it doesn’t take an Einstein to understand all things are relative.

    You can be safER with Vista, or SAFE with OS X.

  8. Er…Jimbo….Joe McConnell did buy a Mac mini. Last time he mentioned it, he was going to put it on eBay because he said it was too slow.

    I told him not to. It’s a great machine….for Linux ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    Anyway, if the clan McConnell is around today, how about an update?

  9. New Contest.

    Apple has not had a good advertising campaign since 1984.

    The Switcher ads did nothing but tell corporate America that Macs are for
    drugged out girls that giggle.

    We need to help Apple! I know there are plenty of creative people who owe their businesses to Apple.

    Lets get going on telling the PC Windows world that there is HOPE!!
    We need to reverse the lies that they believe about the Mac – ie. Not Compatable with anything Windows.


  10. And as an added incentive, all purchasers of Vista will receive coupons towards time shares of several New York water-crossing transportation landmarks, some prime vertical real estate in New Mexico, and choice acreage in south Georgia and north Florida suitable for houseboats.

  11. Bishop Pontification: “Buy a hooker for celibacy and to lower the risk of panties disease.”

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”raspberry” style=”border:0;” />

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