San Francisco Chronicle: GarageBand 3 has by far the most extensive package of podcasting features

Apple has “revised its music-creation program, GarageBand, to be more podcast friendly, not only to sell more Macintosh computers but to make sure podcasters have an easier way to produce their programs,” Benny Evangelista writes for The San Francisco Chronicle. “I tested review copies of the new GarageBand 3 recently, while putting together several Chronicle podcasts, and found the program provides a nearly complete package of tools that average podcasters would need to create, and jazz up, their productions.”

“Of course, the catch is that GarageBand 3 is only available for Macintosh users, either by buying a new Mac computer with the iLife ’06 digital media software package pre-installed, or buying the iLife ’06 upgrade for older Macs. GarageBand 3 is part of the iLife ’06 suite and is not sold separately. And one major new feature, the ability to embed a photo slide show in a podcast, only works with Apple’s iTunes program or in an iPod,” Evangelista writes. “Still, with GarageBand 3, Apple has created a program that should be compelling to the tens of thousands of podcasters big and small now posting their own audio programs on the Web.”

“GarageBand 3 has by far the most extensive package of features designed for podcasters, starting with the fun jingles, stingers and sound effects recorded by the same professional audio production houses used by the likes of MTV and Pixar Animation Studios. There are more than 200 sound effects and more than 100 pre-recorded jingles or radio-style song clips,” Evangelista writes. “The other key new feature is the addition of a separate podcast track, which you can use to quickly create an enhanced podcast that includes a photo slide show. GarageBand lets you drag photos directly into the podcast track from a media browser window that accesses Apple’s digital photo management software, iPhoto, which is also part of the iLife suite. You can match individual photos with what was being said in the audio track and type in caption information and a Web link. Enhanced podcasts use the AAC digital file format, which can only be played back using Apple’s iTunes or QuickTime programs, which run on both Windows and Mac computers, or an iPod capable of displaying color photos.”

Evangelista writes, “Even if you’re not interested in podcasting at all, GarageBand 3 can be used to create Hollywood-style soundtracks for that family photo slide show or home video.”

Full review here.

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  1. Lol… I did that once. I bought iLife 04 3 weeks before iLife 05 came out. No refund from apple. You live and learn to follow the timeline of their product releases.

  2. @jim: That’s why I thought I should buy my iMac iSight, but less than 2 months later it’s been replaced by the Intel version. Unfortunately Apple thinks a little bit too different sometimes.

  3. Oh please, if anything, Apple’s curve for “punitive product announcements” is much softer than any other computer maker I know. Remember that TV ad that showed the guy driving down the street in the convertible with his shiny big computer box in the passenger seat that he bought for $999? And on the way, he sees the billboard ad for his computer being papered over with something like a $699 price? Apple doesn’t do that junk. They stick to a relatively well known schedule; anyone who buys shortly before MacWorld, without a whopping discount, is taking a risk. I bought a 17-inch iMac last year shortly before the iMac iSight came out. I had zero reason to believe it was on its way, but so what? I didn’t get the built-in iSight that you got, and yet the kids using that machine are just as happy with it now.

    “aToMac”: in your sentence, what is the “that’s why”? There is no explanation for why you thought you were “safe” to buy an iMac barely a month before MacWorld. With the Intel transition on the horizon, what on earth could make you think that any Apple product might not soon be improved? Even though there were “older” products with a longer life cycle than the iMac iSight, with all the rumors flying all over the map, how could you think something big, including a new iMac, might not come out?

    Besides, you got a great computer. What are you complaining about? You bought a computer that Walt Mossberg says is the gold standard of desktop PCs. Why do you care that another version came out that might be faster, though some tasks for you might not be? IF Apple had released an iMac with a faster PPC chip, would you feel the same way? This is really no different. Did you get the 17-inch or the 20-inch? If the 17, do you wish you had the 20? This happens all the time with ANY electronics device. Get over it and enjoy what you have.

  4. Unfortunately Apple thinks a little bit too different sometimes.

    not really. you bought a mac. big whoop. shoulda waited for macworld

    newsflash: it’s still a mac and you’ll still get dual versions of software for the next few years (reason: 30 million PPC and about 5 Intel guys. get it?)

    stop bitching

  5. i actually prefer having a seperate isight. its a beautiful piece of machinery, and nothing compares to it on the market either by design or usage. the clearist video and great stereo sound. even used it w/imovie to make a movie for a project. worked great in low lighting.

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