Disassembled iMac Core Duo photos posted online

KODAWARISAN likes to take things apart. Luckily, they take pictures and post them online. This way, we can buy our Macs, know what they look like on the inside, but never have to do such dissections ourselves.

Disassembled iMac (Core Duo) by KODAWARISAN photos here: http://www.kodawarisan.com/imac_intel/imac_intel01.html

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  1. Not what I’d call the most awe inspiring internal design, but I have to hand it to Apple anyhow. They make such good products, I don’t care what the insides look like. I just like the fact that I don’t have to tear them apart every few months to diagnose problems.

  2. It looks messy. Is it just me? We opened the back of an original iMac G5 at one of our Mac User Group meetings, just to take a look inside. And I seem to recall the inside looking a lot more tidy.

  3. Greg Nacu:

    I thought it looked a bit unkept too (even though I’d never seen the interior of a G5 iMac before), so I clicked over to the G5/iSight version this guy tore apart, and it shows the interior to be a lot less ‘thrown together’ looking. It looks like Intel had a forceful hand in development after all!

    BTW – Get a gander at that CPU cooler. It’s the same design, and just as big, as the one for the G5. I think that probably validates the reports coming out of MacWorld about the Mac Book Pro being even more toasty than the PowerBook. If ‘power-per-watt’ is legitimate, the capability of these computers should be something like Earth Simulator!

  4. The fact that the case cannot be opened easily by the customer anymore is not an excuse to chuck everything in randomly. My 1st gen. G5 iMac is perfectly laid out inside.

    I think part of the problem is that Apple has specified a flexible radiation shield – that shiny foil wrapping the innards. In customer-servicable units, it’s solid and attached to the covers.

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